Monday, January 31, 2005

a history day came and go

Good morning,
Yes, today is my turn in the computer. Read my bost NOW because I wrote it to you.

I will talk about:election"the one which you came here to read about it", and about my story with my neighbor, and between holiday and school.
From where we will begin? Ok let's talk about the election.
yesterday was the election day. Most of the Iraqi went and vote in spite of the danger from this step...So that's great and I hope it will still be great after the announcement of the result..I am so afraid from the result So afraid as usually but
I try to be little optimistic because there are some from my family went and vote and that let me feel good about my self.

I tell you I will write my story with our neighbor so here is it:

the day before yesterday the girl who is about 6 years old from our neighbor came to our house without permission from her mom, she ran to our house and her brother followed her and try to let her came back home but he couldn't so he left her and went. Her mother called at about 3 o'clock and talked with her and asked her to come back home but she answer her mom that she will came back at 9 "so long ha??" my mother told her mother that she will find away to let her came back soon. She stay with my mother watching a TV. She talked with my mother and asked her about every thing she saw it in the house. After some times my mother want to pray "M" tell her to pray in another room because she want to watch TV but my mother didn't listing to her and pray in the same room . So "m" came to my room where I was. I was working in the computer..She was looking for Aya and she thought that we hide Aya from her.
she came to me and tell me in a pity voice: you don't have moile, don't you?. I was talking with your mom and she tell me that Najma have a mobile, and she will buy one for you when you will go to the university try to tell her that I don't have mobile because I don't love to.
after that she was looking what I was doing in the computer, she move her eyes down and she saw the cheer where I was sitting. She smile and ask me to let her sit on it. I let her did what she want after she promise me to let me work after that and leave my room but she didn't leave it" she is nice and cute but now she make me angry"
after time she came back to room where my mom, my mother tell her that she that she hear a voice of child playing out side, she went there and we thought that she would not came back, but she did. She tell my mom that was her brother.after time and at about 5 my mother and she went out and they saw her father, my mother left her there and came quickly to the home after she closed the door.
please God when Aya grow up, she will be nicer than she

I forget to tell you to check this flash I found it from the internet.
I was looking at "" and I found some English Islamic song, it's really nice if you want to check it

about my holiday it will ends tomorrow but we will not go to school tomorrow because of the situation. I am not ready yet to take my marks. Tomorrow and the days before that I was working with my mom in the kitchen we make some sweet together" cream puff , and sweessroll" so that was a good time I have spent it in the kitchen. But when we cooked sweessroll it was look some thing else, we change the look and it was nice, and I think Najma and my dad love it. They didn't tell me that but I confidence in my cooking.
yesterday I was bored from watching TV all the time. I want to do something useful but I didn't have any ideas for this....I try to read a story but it was un significant so I left it and went to write in my diary.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

hnk talking

I was thinking last night when I went to sleep: "are american soldiers came to Iraq and get us the freedom which we need?" I ask my self this question and get the answer, it was (NO)..why?..I will give you this simple example,
I don't put my real name in this blog coz I still don't have a free opinion in this life, I can't tell the truth till I be sure that nobody knows me.
plenty of things happend and I don't write it because of you, you make me suspicious of people who are always sopport me, you don't lives in Iraq, you don't knows what happend and you want to incumbent upon me your opinion and made me beleive that while it's wrong. isn't that what you called it "brain wash"??

surely I want the americans soldiers get out from Iraq as soon as possible.If they settled down in Iraq they will kill us like they did now. propably they don't kill us by their arms, but they kill our hearts in their behaviors more and more.

Today Mosul news anounce that they will tell us the election menu soon, the election will be in sunday and till now they don't anounce the election menu!!! ...what happend to the world?

from tommorow there is curfew till next tuesday. iraqi people should not walk in the street, sould not went out and see their country, this country which build by their hands...can you help me to shout

I tell you before about the water in Baghdad, there is no water in that days when we were there, but I didn't tell you about the water that we were dringing, in whole my life I studied in school that water don't have color, oder, and taste but I discovered that time I was wrong it, have color and taste. So was I dringing water or something else..?

ps: if you asking about my friend maas, she is ok.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hnk in the wonder land

Hello people,
day after day my laziness increases to write this post but here am I writing it after along time..
I took my exam, and I get well in most of them, but in physics I don't get as I want to, I spent a hard 2 hours when I was writing my answers, the time didn't pass like a days but it pass like a minutes and when I finished writing my answers I was wonder which question should I skipped because we had to answer 4 questions from 5 and that was a big decision I should take, at last I skipped the question which was almost right and I don't get well in question number 3.
As you should know, all the bridges were closed in that day so there was a big problem to those people who were living in the other side of the river, because many of them couldn't reach their school, and many others reach it after one or two hours from the time of examination, and they pass across the bridge on their feet "they walk and walk to take their examination".
In the same day one of the teachers came to our class where we take our exam and told us that the poor old guard of our school was killed by American soldiers today, So most of the girls began to cry. But the big problem here that this guard have 10 children and one of them was blind and his wife is sick from about one year. so how could they live without food or money. the master of our school take donations from the girls and gave it to his family.
I am so mad of Al-jazera and Al-arabia's news because they took the news which be in harmony with their strategy... the best thing that Al-jazera said was in the war when it said "it's a wrong war in the wrong place with the wrong enemy" ..bla bla bla

My mother prevent me from playing with Aya in the examination days, so when the holiday began I was able to play with her, and the next day after we finished our exams we went to Baghdad... Yahoooo .. I was so excited.. I will be in Baghdad.. Baghdad the beautiful.. Baghdad the heart of Iraq..
Anyway the road between Mosul and baghdad was hard and difficult, there was a bombs in front of us, and behind us, but we were like rambo :)..
The way from Mosul to Samerah needs 3 hours and from Samerah to Baghdad needs 3 hours while the distance from Mosul to Samerah is about 300 Km and from Samerah to Baghdad about 100 Km ...
After 6 hour's from suffering we reached Baghdad, I saw Baghdad but not that's Baghdad which I used to know, it was different, something changed I can't describe it.
In Baghdad there were no water and no electricity. You feel disappointed when you open the tap and there is no water coming ou, and after 4 days the water came, and my uncle said laughing we should vote for Ayad allawi because in the same second We have water and electricity and that is a miracle .
About the election, I don't know any one will go and vote and that is not which I want but you know we couldn't go and vote, if you want my opinion I am with the "Royality" I think it's the best.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

this me again

Hello people,
I know I should be studying now, My mother gave me an hour to have a rest in the Internet.
I had 3 examination I got well on them and now I have 14 exam in the 10 next days" I need your prayer".On Saturday I have a history and mathematics examinations.

I was just thinking I don't saw my uncles and aunt from 3 months ago " note: they live in Mosul too, but in the other side in the town"

The situation is so bad these days, last night when I got to sleep I was thinking how a silent life that we was lived before, No explosion no bullets " that is strange"
Now we can sleep with a loud sound, they didn't prevent us from sleep because this sound became some thing Normal, some thing we heard it all the time like the sound of bird. I saw that's night when we heard the sound of explosion, Aya didn't wake up . is she brave or what?

I was looking at iraqblogcount and I found this new Iraqi blog<>

Monday, January 03, 2005

hello every body,
I feel so sad I didn't write to you from along long time, but I have many examination and I should do my best, study is the only thing I can do it for Iraq these day.
We are all fine I saw Mass today and she is good too.