Friday, July 28, 2017

Let the people see the peace they deserve

Mosul now has been freed, another episode of war series is over, it is really like a dramatic series that refuse to end, it seems like the author is enjoying and he has no intension to end it. The sound of bullets went silent declaring proudly that nothing remains to be shot, leaving more than 40000 civilians dying unmercifully. Many of people there have lost their whole families, hundreds of children became alone with no home or parents, how would those be able to live their lives after the nightmares they suffered?!
How could that man sitting on the rubble of his destroyed house looking for his family under the stones believe that the life is fair and deserve to be lived. What was the guilt they made to live through such miserable life?
The city now has no present and its glorious past has been effaced. The city icon “Alnoori mosque with Al hadbaa leaning minaret” is crushed, knowing that its age is about 900 years old which means that it is older than the leaning tower of pisa in Italy!!! Beside the mosque of the prophet Jonah which was built over the palace of Assyrian king Esarhaddon 600 years BC that was blown up by ISIS in 2014. All are worthless being in the land of war, Iraq, where nothing judges but the weapon.
The smashed old city was one of the most vital areas in Mosul. Once you cross the old bridge you reach an area called Al Maidan which contains small restaurant making grilled fishes and meats, and you hear the peddlers calls for their goods. The bazaar of the old city is composed of inter connected narrow streets, each was specialized with goods that are not sold in other places such as golds, electronics, stationeries, clothes…etc. The city was overcrowded with people walking, working and buying. The old city now is a ghosts’ city nothing around but rubbles, smoke and dead bodies.

Reports revealed that about 75% of Mosul city is completely destroyed and 6 districts in west Mosul are completely destroyed with 11000 houses are now severely damaged. It is estimated that far more than 500 Million dollars are required for reconstruction. Mosul needs miracles as the government would be unable to afford the cost beside the corruption that is widespread among its foundations.
We hope this will be the last episode as nothing left to be destroyed further. We hope that the author’s pen is running out of ink!! Let the people see the peace they deserve…


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's matter if you are Iraqi,

with this all bad calamities that hit my life during the last 15 years especially the last three one, All things are losing their glowing meaning of happiness.

I mean, Eid is not Eid without a family!
Full time electricity is not the exact truth meaning of comfort ( as I thought during my whole life in Iraq)
Being a free as a person out of Iraq, doesn't mean the full freedom. within countries; you will find different restrictions that draw different borders for your dreams.

within times, I find no place for happiness in my heart, the happiness is only temporal come and go within minutes. Yes I feel joy and happy when the weekend come and I go for a journey with my husband and daughter but this happiness fade away once i come back home!

I don't know how, all things are meaningless for me and in the same time even the small tiny things are sometimes matter.
- chronic hair fall really matter for me, being a hairy refugee is better than being a bald one!
 - potty training"  my daughter really matter for me;
I know you may find me crazy that I add more stress to my mental problems by thinking that potty training my daughter is a big deal.
But believe me, it is a really big deal since my daughter is an Iraqi child. And regardless her age; she will end up one day thinking that she have no choices and no control over anything happened around her, and no control over anything in her life except her bladder!! 😫🚽


Saturday, July 01, 2017

Phantom pain

Is a perception sensation that an individual experience related to a limb or organ that is not part of the body.
This is not a medical lecture, this is my internal emotional sensation.
Nabi Yunis mosque (Tomb of Jonah) was bombed 3 years ago and I still can see it from the guest room window of my parents house !
I can still feel the standing potency of the hunchback mosque that the ISIS blew a week ago !
And I can still hear the sound of my passed nephew Anas!
I can’t help myself to believe that all of that are things from the past that will never ever return!
I can’t help because I am from Mosul, and Mosul is running in my blood and in my heart.
And if a right finger’s ring is that which connect between our Souls ( my country and me) then imputed the finger by fleeing the country doesn’t mean that our spiritual consensus is over ! NO, I am still wearing the same ring but in another hand ( country), and whenever someone mention the name of “Mosul”, “home”; I am still painfully checking my right hand finger although my right hand finger is imputed and Mosul is Erased from the plan.

I can’t add more words, but if you understand my point; you will understand why after all; there is no Joy accompany the liberation process as Mosul is losing the base from where all this culture and historical civilization shine !