Sunday, July 24, 2005

days of my life (up date)

Ok, listen to this story, I was so happy and I decided to write a nice post. But unfortunately before I save my post the computer Stop working like someone freeze.

And now I am angry.
Don’t teach me how to save the post and how to use control+c and control +v because I know this information but I am lazy to do it.
So lazy
So? I will try to remember what I write and rewrite it again.
The post was like this one:
I am happy, do you want to know why.
Because khalid is return back to his home. And because I went out of house last Friday and visited my uncle's house to congratulate them about my cousine graduation. All the family were there: my uncles and aunts, their children and their grand children.
There were four babies their ( Aya and medo are 11 months old, Sama and Nora are 1,5 years old). All of them were cute and have a nice looking.
Noor is an evil girl. From the first moment she saw Sama she went to her and pushes her, she is the third child and the two children before her are both boys. After she pushed Sama,Nora's mother took her a way from Sama and Nora began to cry:)

After that Medo and Aya were playing in the ground, Nora came to them and tried to attack them in every possible ways. All the moms took their child away from each other’s.

The funny things that happened there that my mother put her food in her chair and went to take Aya from dad to feed her, she took Aya and then she sat in her chair where she put her dish, wher her food. I shout Maam ! And she said in a cold voice: what?
OH my God. Her clothes became terrible with all that food. " Heh..heh"

As you know last week Raghda visited us for tow days. She slept with me in the same room. I spent good time with her. Especially at the night when we went to sleep and talk with each other about every thing. I can talk with Raghda about things that I couldn't't talk about it with Najma.

Raghda fell in love with my bear toy. She slept with it and she took pictures with it. She really likes it. I hope she enjoy her visit to us.

the telephone conection between Mosul and Baghdad is cut from 6 days and that is not a good news to hear but we have internet and we can contact with my relatives there by it.

Ok I have another funny cartoon, I hope you like it

see you soon
with more family news

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I don't know what to say

I know I didn't post from long long days.
before a week I wrote a long post and really nice one. I was going to publish it in the next day.

unfortunately the first thing I did in the next day was to visit Raed blog which I don't visit it much. I read about what happened to khalid and sat all the day sad and bored "that all what I need to complete my perfect day"

My old sister advice me to stop blogging. what happened to khalid is not a game. We should do something for him, He is one from An Iraqi blogger. NOW he is in the Jail.

Why he is there?
what is he doing there?
How is he?

I don't know.
go back to our subject: stop bloging or not?
I was thinking about that And I wrote a post talking about this freedom we have.I wrote that I don't need it. If it's the same freedom that mad khalid write what he was thinking of and it is the same freedom that entered him the jail. So I don't need this freedom
Take it!

Raghda my cousin came from Baghdad yesterday and she will leave tomorrow. We have a good time with her I will talk a bout that in the next post If I will continue my blog.

Pray for all of us

heh... hehe.. heh

PS:If you wonder where is the cartoon, I deleted it, because Raghda (Afandee) don't like it :)

Saturday, July 09, 2005

just talking

Good morning ... Good evening .... Good night

"I like to hear these phrases because they have the word "good" in them, and because my life here doesn't have much "good" in it otherwise..... so, here we go with my life news."

"2 days ago" I was washing my face using neutrogena deep clean and
some of it entered my eye accidentally.I washed it in water and continued my life as usual.

in the morning, I woke up and went to wash my face, and looked in the mirror and saw that my right eye was puffed up. And, it began to itch me, and it has been itching me since. *Oh my eyes, how much I want to scratch you*.

Anyway, my dad gave me "ultradex" sterile ophthalmic solution to put in my eye. Today, when I woke up, my eye was worse than yesterday, but now it is the same as it was yesterday.

besides that Aya fell on the ground while she was trying to climb the table and the table fell on her face and her nose began to bleed so as her mother called in the middle of the night, and she was obviously distressed, and her voice sounded like she was crying. Well, I began to cry when I heard that. My sister was worried that Aya would need to get stitches in her nose, but thanks to Allah she is fine and she didn't need that.
So, now Aya has a red nose like a clown.The only thing she needs is
to put on a red dress and she will look elegant.

Yesterday my father's friend invited us to the lunch in his house.
Najma and I didn't want to go there. My father's friend has 8 children.And Najma and I do not get along with them so my father and my mother go
there alone and have good time as I think.

We were alone me and Najme at lunch time. As usual, I cooked the lunch and she ate it.
My sister MY nice sister my helpful sister (Najma) discovered after along time
that she didn't do house work lately so she went and washed the dishes by her own free will. Didn't I tell you she likes to help other people?

Let's talk about my nice sister. I don't know what's been happening to her these last few days. that night when we went to sleep, she told me she'll jump out the window. In this state, she wanted to help me.

I told her I will jump with you, so she changed her mind. I think she doesn't like company.

Don't worry we are muslim ( Muslim people don't commit suicide,suicide is
not an acceptable in our religion )

well well, I think I am not doing well. I couldn't be fun.

Something happened (knock on the table " it's an imitation for us to
knock the table so no one will envy you" ) I have a good dream last
night *STRANGE, did any of you have a nightmare last night? Maybe our dreams were exchanged*

Ok, see you soon.
have a good week end

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

3 Minutes and you will finish read this (this post written two days ago)

Hi all,
Guess what, We went out house finally. We spent a good time in my uncle's house where all the family was there. (My uncles and their children and their grand children)
This is normal in Iraq.
The people where you live didn't meet their relatives as much as we do. It's normal to you if your sons moved into another house before he got married. But to us it's something not happened. The sons live with their parents before marriage and after the marriage some of them move to another house and the rest stay with their parents. The sons and daughters stay visits their parents at least one times in the week.

My mother's holiday began yesterday. So I will be contact with you more than before (because mama will take care of Aya and other things.
Aya controlled to us, she is so smart and so cute and so active too. I fight with her yesterday (but I was the right person ) after that she looked angry and she didn't look at my face again till I go and entreated her to forgive me I hug her and play with her till the princes began to smile.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Just talking

I had written many posts, but I didn't have courage to publish it, I don't know why.
I didn't go out of house since 9 days ago thus I have no new news.

"Day after day the situation in Iraq get better " that's what one of the height rank military said. But the reality shows the opposite.
that let me remember what Najma said to me some day
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubts"

If it is geing better then why we don't have water and oil while we live in the country of oil. And we have two rivers Tigris and the Euphrates .

We are in the 3 rd year of the war. 3 years and the war didn't end.
SO when you want to help Iraqi people don't send your cousin and sons to Iraq to fight. Because they fight us not fight for us.

Did you forget the WMD?
Did you forget what happened in Abo Graib?
Did you forget what the humanity mean?
Did you forget what the human needs?

Don't bother, I also forget something but I forget
What the peace look like..
What the street look like..
What the sky in the night look like..
What my relatives look like..

Some times I just think if you see what my eyes saw, if you hear what my ears heard. you will be able to understand what I mean.

Some words from the world
Did you read what khalid wrote in his blog about me? read this
"I am pro God, I am pro life, I am pro humanity, I am pro truth, and when the American goverment choses to be against all that then damn it:I AM anti American-goverment"

And Najma write a great post You should read it also.

And at the end I want to share you this Joke
Are you pessimistic?
do you feel( Sad, poor and disturbed)?
congratulation you are iraqi 100%

Another Joke " who is iraqi?"
Iraqi is a human live in this world, hated by countries in this world, wronged by the media's world,disbuded in thoughts about this world, exploited by goverment's world and sad in his life in this world. well it's not look like joke in English, so I will write it in Arabic

تعريف العراقي: :كائن حي مكروه دوليا. مظلوم أعلاميا. مشتت ذهنيا. مثقف ماديا. مضطهد حكوميا. تعيس عمليا.منكوب يوميا