Friday, May 22, 2009

How a girl suppose to study !!

One of the main problem that I was facing the last two year, And since I went to the college of pharmacy is that I don't have any time to do any thing but studying
* And weeping, and that's what I am already doing it :)*

I am now with no force to study a page of my stupid lectures. And my final examination will begin in 24 of April and will end in 27 of June.

Time: 11:20 PM.
my mood : is orange :) * kind of expression, to indicate how bad my mood is *
weather: hot

I need nothing but your prayer.. so pray for me

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

unexpected guest

Un expected guest

It was my contact lenses which I wear recently when it fell down from my eye into the answering paper while I was taking biochemistry/ mid-year examination.

First questions that came to my mind were:

What is this?

What is happened? And, what to do?

I was puzzle with those questions when I was interrupted by another:

What’s wrong?

I left my head to the assistant professor who was standing near me, waiting for an answer. One thing I am sure, she got unexpected answer indeed.

That’s how I spent my last 7 months, and that’s how I will spend my next two months, spend them with exams and studying for exams *cool, huh??*

How much explosives this tank could carry!!

"probably enough to kill us all, I guess” answering my daD and contnue“ Look to the bright side dad, if the tank in front really exploded now. We will all die in the same day since we are all in the car (and stoke in this jam) “

After finishing my sentences, I was gazed by my sister, Najma who was engaged a month a go. And since her fiancé was not with us in the car, she didn’t found my words funny at all. Well who said it must be funny? But evil affliction may lead to laugh.

What to eat? Is my dad daily question, since we are all reaching the house in the same time. This putting my mom under lots of pressure, she is really a super woman!!

My dad as well, working so hared these days, when he came back from the hospital, he came across our college and drove me, Najma and mom to the house. There he only take his lunch and go directly to his clinic.

What’s have I done?

Is my daily question after thinking of my pharmacy college it’s a really hard college.I didn’t think it will be that hard! I can’t bear all the studying pressure, I lost 5 pound from my weight during mud-course exam. During this year, I am not amuse in my studying, nor think that pharmacy was a right choice. Anyway, the entire student said that the second year is the hardest and you have to be patient and with time, you will love your specialization.

It’ sonly a passing thing, I know.

So I will just try to do my best for the moment and wait,

You too, wait for my next post .

Good luck


Come back after a long disappearance

I was unable to write a new post, since I didn't write from long long time.
So, I will just pass that things, And continue posting..