Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You are a drug designer

You are a drug designer..
NO, Not you!! I am not talking to you!!! BUT I am writing to you ^__^ and that’s certainly mean something
In all articles I wrote, there is special substance in common which is me *Thank you very much*

Well, I have spent my last summer holiday reading books talking about finding happiness and being the happiest and being confidence and blah blah blah.
Well, I wrote such stupid words on my copybook which says: You are happy, you are special, you are clever_ just trying to cheer me up since I am not enjoying studying pharmacy as I thought… well, I wasn’t cheered up when my friends read it !! Anyway it’s not only me who is trying to cheer me up, and it’s not only me who need to be cheered up * Well All drug designer need *

“You are a drug designer “she (Dr. Nehad) said this word in each times she entered the class, and with each time she went out..

Pharmacy students = drug designer!! * Really nice*

I have been dreaming of being a house designer, a clothes designer, an artist. But I have never thought that in becoming a pharmacist I will be a drug designer!!

And that’s make this science somehow a kind of art! And I am definitely loving art, and that’s lead us to the point that I love pharmacy and I will certainly love being a drug designer ^__^

I don’t know why this wasn’t a passing phrase …. It was a cheering up phrase maybe.
Umm, Midcourse examination will started next Sunday *__* and I am so afraid and really freaked out, but unable to decide in which mood I am.
I am spending an hour each day talking to my clothes’ store,
in which I posted a few sheets where I wrote headlines about (Antibiotic) in my own designing way. Really hard pharmacology examination I’ll have next week with almost all antibiotic groups beside many other subjects. I have a difficulty on memorizing and differentiating between them *__*.

I really don’t like moaning publicly but I am really under big stress now.

As I said before, my sister has been engaged to a special man as she is. Nice to have another brother in law, and nice to see my sister happy with someone. But it’s really not nice to have someone compete with me on my sister. I can’t ignore that I have some kind of jalousie feeling from him in their first week of engagement. I was talking to her about all things happening to me during the day, telling her my entire little secret. But now, there is something change, she is always busy, not listening with desired, not understood me like before. But that’s ok since she is happy and I am happy and we all living together in this happy Iraq * not funny!! I know ^__^*

Now, I really have to spend an hour in imagination by looking to my store clothes, and start a real step on designing drug!

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