Monday, March 01, 2010

UP_date: Rambling all around.

Rambling about the situation

The situation in Mosul is fantastic!! Indescribable in every single way.

The Christian students stopped attending their college a week ago. I don’t know which mechanism vanish them all that rapid!! Oh, yes I remember; it’s called killing and shedding blood mechanism!. Sometimes, in order to survive, you have to leave and so they left! As hard as it sound and as simple as this.

I sent my friend (Christian friend) a message to ask about how she is doing, she only asked me to pray for them. She didn’t told me where she is now, she didn’t tell anybody either but I guess she is somewhere in the north of Iraq (where situation is calmer there).

In my college, we have many students from other Iraqi cities, those probably live in student dominate and those as well stopped attending the college yesterday because the mangers of this house asked them to leave before the election that will be in the 8th of this month.

Me and other collegue didn’t go to college as well (kind of support) beside; the situation is not supporting us to do this either! :D

I am above 18 old *Old news!* and so I will have to particibate in this election *confusing news*

Simply: in this right moment, I am totally ignorant of what is the name ofIraqi president! And what hia assistants' names! I am totally ignorant in everything about politics and every thing that is going far from my eyes. I simply don’t have interest to know, no ability to bear another shock and to hear another news. I closed my ears and my eyes from knowing any news a long time ago. I only know that my country’s name is Iraq and we are ALL iraqi. But هذه البلاد لم تعد كبلادي !!

Rambling about my hoppy of drawing:

Drawing is a major solution for me to relax after a hard day. I draw using oil colour or using the ordinary pencil. my psychotic condition really get better after a period of doing this.
This year I will participate in a kind of competition. I am not looking to win as much as I love to be apart of this. I know I won't win ; I am not that good in drawing, beside, my drawing is naive !! I didn't have any drawing lessons ever. My drawing result from willing and not from skills.
But, I am really looking for the day when I will win in such competition. maybe next year inshallah.

Rambiling about my result in Exams

I always find my way to trouble no one but myself, working and giving my best and then when things don’t work out; I blame myself, hate myself and punish myself.

I gave my 100% in studying, and yes I passed *expected* but not like a hero! The thing that puzzles me is that I really think that I am an intelligent, I don’t know if it is the exam circumstances that freak me out or there is a problem on my mental thinking !!

I feel sorry for myself about that, But I can't help it. and No body else can !