Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Electricity dependent studying...

Well, that’s the way it is.No electricity mean no fine studying, no fine studying = no high marks, and no high marks = good bye my future.

Isn’t it bad to find your life controlled by electricity!!

I really feel guilty if I will not study when the electricity turn on after along day of studying, ended with studying at the light of chargable beam!! How could I leave this opportunity when I have a big chance of studying in normal light!!

That’s torture me, because It turned on when I was managing to go to bed, and I stand up not knowing what to do!! Probably such a chance ended with turning the light and go to bed!! Maybe my dream that night will be clearer than ever and shiny like it was never be!!

It’s not restricted by studying alone; it’s controlled our abnormal life.

when we are planning to go outside door and it turn on, mom often change her mind and decided not to go, she would probably prefer to do house works that need electricity!! She sometimes called the work’s place and takes the day off!!

So, they are: Times and energy who are my big enemies during my examinations.

I found my self in compete with one; against one of them. Which is something driving me crazy. Go to bed at 11 PM, and adjusted many alarms to wake me up, 30 minute between each, leaving the light on so when I awake, I can see if the electricity was on; so I’ll prepare myself for another hard studying, and if it was not, I’ll go to my warm bed AGAIN!!

It’s really pathetic. Having electricity will solve many of Iraqi’s problems!! And we really have many.

P.s: Eid mubarak to all muslims all around the world and to all iraqi, a special wishes for better future and better tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You are a drug designer

You are a drug designer..
NO, Not you!! I am not talking to you!!! BUT I am writing to you ^__^ and that’s certainly mean something
In all articles I wrote, there is special substance in common which is me *Thank you very much*

Well, I have spent my last summer holiday reading books talking about finding happiness and being the happiest and being confidence and blah blah blah.
Well, I wrote such stupid words on my copybook which says: You are happy, you are special, you are clever_ just trying to cheer me up since I am not enjoying studying pharmacy as I thought… well, I wasn’t cheered up when my friends read it !! Anyway it’s not only me who is trying to cheer me up, and it’s not only me who need to be cheered up * Well All drug designer need *

“You are a drug designer “she (Dr. Nehad) said this word in each times she entered the class, and with each time she went out..

Pharmacy students = drug designer!! * Really nice*

I have been dreaming of being a house designer, a clothes designer, an artist. But I have never thought that in becoming a pharmacist I will be a drug designer!!

And that’s make this science somehow a kind of art! And I am definitely loving art, and that’s lead us to the point that I love pharmacy and I will certainly love being a drug designer ^__^

I don’t know why this wasn’t a passing phrase …. It was a cheering up phrase maybe.
Umm, Midcourse examination will started next Sunday *__* and I am so afraid and really freaked out, but unable to decide in which mood I am.
I am spending an hour each day talking to my clothes’ store,
in which I posted a few sheets where I wrote headlines about (Antibiotic) in my own designing way. Really hard pharmacology examination I’ll have next week with almost all antibiotic groups beside many other subjects. I have a difficulty on memorizing and differentiating between them *__*.

I really don’t like moaning publicly but I am really under big stress now.

As I said before, my sister has been engaged to a special man as she is. Nice to have another brother in law, and nice to see my sister happy with someone. But it’s really not nice to have someone compete with me on my sister. I can’t ignore that I have some kind of jalousie feeling from him in their first week of engagement. I was talking to her about all things happening to me during the day, telling her my entire little secret. But now, there is something change, she is always busy, not listening with desired, not understood me like before. But that’s ok since she is happy and I am happy and we all living together in this happy Iraq * not funny!! I know ^__^*

Now, I really have to spend an hour in imagination by looking to my store clothes, and start a real step on designing drug!

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See you…

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just to say hi and talk to you later

seems like I haven't wrote anything here since the school began... well, Network curfew!!! ^__^ *kidding*

I have been so busy last three week with school, my sister engagement party, and my other sister vist to us and all of that keep me out of reach.

umm, Third stage in Pharmacy college seems bretty much better than the second stage with it's more interesting subjects and better teachers. But I still have that problem with a douzen of unread lectures waiting to be studied.... I 'll talk about this later

My sister's party was a great waster of time, we spent weeks preparing for it... And It was worth working... umm, I'll talk about this later.

so see you later, Because it's time for electricity to turn off..
And untill later, Stay safe dear reader..

Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to college !!! (27/9)

Ramadan ended with forgiveness, Eid ended with happiness and holiday ended with….
__ Wait!! What did I write?
__ I wrote: holiday ended…
__ End? That soon!!
Please wait, I need more break. I don’t want to go back to my school
Ok, there is only three ways:
1- A war to take place in your own country,
And this is not possible, since my own Iraq is already living in war.
2- Election to delay the school for a week,
And this is hard since it need a person with high position in the government to bring forward the date of the election. And I (Hadia) hate politics and all people work on it, and I am not going to knock such door !
3- A falsified kidnapping.
I didn’t go outside house from about 20 days . Plus, that will not stop the school, there will be a school but there will not be Hadia in the school !!
School is always waiting in the corner, whether I want to admit this or not.

So, doctrorst and professors
Please, broaden the road …
I am coming

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Just talking...

Just Talking.....

Yesterday, my sister came from Baghdad to spend Eid al Futor in Mosul . Of course she came with her nice kids:

Aya, is like a princess who shows polite and ladies behaviors most of the time. she consider me as her best aunt *I guess* but that's not mean she loves me as a person and accept my thought!!

I can’t be 100% myself when I am with her, she always talks like someone older than her age, mocks my words and thoughts, pretending that she is not caring of my opinions and I am only that insect that is good in nothing but telling stories !!!!

I still remember that day when I gave her my bear and told her that she is his mother today, and he will sleep with her in the bed and she must feed him well and take good care of him. She gazed me and said with contempt “It’s a toy, he is not human”!!

In some cases when she shows respect and not makes me feel humiliated and not says anything, her eyes WILL instead...

She refused to eat date when I asked her because she knows its taste!! I know the taste of absolutely everything but I am still eating!!

Anyway, she is different from that kid (Ayman) with his cartoony personality, soft voice, and broken words!! And different from the little Anas with his shy and curious looks…

I spend hour’s yesterday watching extremely silly cartoon, with ugly girl called (Rayhana). You really missed it; I can’t be fair in the valuation of this shows.

Aya did her best in explaining this shows, she told me “Rayhana is a mother but she don’t have children *sound interesting!!!!!!, but it doesnt make any sense* ^_^

She continued: “And, Jojo is her husband”

*Thanks God she didn’t said: "but they are not married!! ^__^*.

It was really rich hours that made me more confidence in who I am in compare with Aya.

Today, it’s really busy day with all house works; preparing our house for the big attack that will took place in the first day of Eid, since all of my uncles and their sons and their grandchildren are going to spend the day in our lovely house.

Anyway, Eid mean that Ramadan will be over.Ramadan month really goes fast!! I was thinking of writing a post about my day in Ramadan… butI was ummm... BUSY!!