Thursday, July 23, 2009

A book coming out, it's my diary which make it my book !!

People are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of ))
Paulo Coelho.

Every thing begin with an idea, and then become a dream, a dream become a destination and then finally become a work that may lead to success.

I had read a words that had been stocked in my ears "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"

And I really did want to write a book so strongly and there were and are still some people stand beside me and pushing me forwards to achieve my dream and my goal.

Haymarket's book ,
John Ross ,
Elizabeth Wrigley ,
Sasha Crow (my dear friend) ,
Grandfather ,
Mam and dad
And my annoying sister,Najma ^__*

Here in this book, I shared my diary with you.
In this book, you will read my thoughts, my poems, and most of my last post and you will have an idea of my life as a teenager in the middle of this war.

Best wishes &
May all your dreams come true...


Friday, July 17, 2009

Coming back to blogging world

Since my last post, many things happened and most of them are good :

1- I am now 20 years old so you are not going to read a diary of a teenager girl but a woman !!
I guess :)

2- I finished my exams after a very hard month in a hard year (Second stage), my result showed an average between 60--70 in all subject which made me a 20 years lazy Iraqi women indeed.

3- After few days from the beginning of my holiday, me and my parents went to Saudi_ Arabia for Umrah (عمرة) and I came back few days ago.

It was always a dream in my list to visit makka and to see al ka'aba and I am so happy that I had this chance, wishing that I can accomplished each dream in my wish list :)

Here are few pictures that I can share :

This is al_ masjed al nabawy from outside in Al_madina.In our visit, we first went to Jeddah by airplane directly from Mosul, and then went to Al_madina by Bus.

Saudia is differ from Turkey and Syria that I had visit before. Well, it's more like desert but it's unique by it's holly places.

After spending 4 days in al madina, we went to Makka also by Bus and did Al_Umrah and saw al kaba'a for the first time, well it's more beautiful than I can describe and smaller than I thought, and it's so beautiful and it made me feel in peace.
Anyone really need to sepnd hours just looking at it, imagining it.... Bretty place.

This is a picture of building that located infront of Al-Ka'aba.

well, most of them are Supermarket, Moles, and restaurand. we don't have McDonald's, KFC and such restaurant in Iraq, so we really enjoy food ^__^

Now, I feel like I was dreaming, And I was not really there :) I don't know why, the days I spent there were passing on high speed.

our bathroom, my bed were the things I missed most. The hotel we settled in were not good and I am not going to share it's badness with you.

After spending 10 days in Saudia, I came back to my hometown where bullets and explosions were the receptor to the real life.

Usually, when someone come back from Umrah or al-Haje, the people visit him/her, usually Zamzam water is being given to the visitor. And we used these small cup for this purpose.

There are also some kind of special sweet ( Baqlawa بقلاوة , men al samah من السما ), and gifs from Saudia.

I am now busy with visitor and the house work and so I am going to help my mam now and write a new post soon inshallah.

دمتم بحفظ الله ورعايته
مع السلامة