Thursday, December 15, 2005

Just talking

In this moments I am a little optimistic as un usually, I was reading my sister's blog Najma
who wrote a lovely post about my niece Aya and that's make me feel happy because Aya make me happy always.

we stopped going to school from 2 days and that helped us to have a rest in our house, watching TV, listing to the music and doing the things that the normal people do.
Today I woke up at 9:30 .Aya waked before me and all the family except Najma who always late.
I took my breakfast and go to study Biology. I have biology exam next Sunday, physics exam nest Monday, mathematics exam next Tuesday. Biology exam is our exam number 7 and so as mathematics exam. But physic exam is our sixth exam.

well, you can say we went to school for getting exams, teachers in our school love to test the student. But that make us tired, I don't get enough sleep nor enough time with my family.
some teachers feel how much we were tired but they didn't do anything, they sat over there telling us how much we look tired as some one in the age of sixty and telling us about their high school and how their teachers were treated them " we were ... We were..... We were" they don't get it that our times is not like their times It's seem that they still living in the past.
Any way I didn't like school how can I like it now?

I discovered that I am a strong girl, yesterday something fell behind our big bookcase, anyway I tried to push it and get the thing. well, I did that but I couldn't push the bookcase again and placed it to it's usuall place. Anyway, today my mother asked my father to do that instead of me, she told him about the story and he gazed at her and said" hnk pushed it?" she answered yes, he said" alone?", he turened to me and said " you push it alone?"
I said "yes dady "
he said " how could you?"
I said " I am your girl" :)

After two days It's will my mam's birthday, I didn't buy a gift for her because of the curfew but I will try to cook some sweets for my great mam.

See you soon I hope and till that time
Good bye