Thursday, June 22, 2017

beyond average talk

Day by day, the life is getting harder, I am over exhausted from hanging to patience and waiting for the unknown. Every normal day is a grueling day that make you feel tired out at the end but you feel happy that another day has finished. The only thing that make me forget the time in those gloomy days is nurturing my little daughter. She is now a cute 2 and nearly a half years old “refugee”. Caring, Feeding, and playing with her make me able to cope with my days and my time and help me to forget the fact that I’m living such hard days.
She was born in 21st of January 2015, after 7 months from fleeing Mosul and being refugees in Jordan. Having a baby was a big change in my life although I had a worrying feeling about living without basic rights and I know I have to make a commitment to do my best in order to give her an easy living.
Luckily, it was easy to get a birth certificate here even if you are a refugee and not residing in the country as I was afraid that I won’t be able to register her here if I have the status of refugee or an asylum seeker. Good news to hear that we were able to vaccinate her using her birth certificate. We had to register her with us in UNHCR in order to be legally protected, but we postponed it to the next summer as she was too young and the weather was extremely cold.
I remember that day when we took her to the UNHCR office, I was carrying her through that long road that reaches the main gate. Lots of thoughts came to my mind at that moment, I had a feeling of oppression with every step, although the road was crowded with all those refugees waiting for their turns, I was not hearing anything but a voice in my head “what an unfair world, I am taking my little angel to give her a label of being a refugee, O God help us!”. I felt helpless and I knew that I had no other choice to protect her. I convinced myself “this too shall pass!”. The positive thing is that she was too young to realize what was going on around her, she was staring at the people around us with curious looks, and trying to understand the world around her. Thankfully, she wouldn’t see the sadness on the faces around us, or the worries frazzling that old man that was sitting nearby us. She was flinching every time an officer calls the numbers of the people in the queue, she was clinching to me and watching carefully anyone who would go to the counter. When the officer called our number, he led us toward other room when other female officer took her information, “Congratulations, she is now a refugee”.
Although we are living a hard life and we are deprived from many of our basic needs, we still blessed to have the chance to flee the disaster in Mosul. People there have no chance to survive, building and houses are crumbling over their heads, and the people who are besieged by ISIS terrorists have nothing to eat. Witnesses, who could flee from there, said that people started to eat grass and even tissues(Kleenex) as they are unable to go out of their houses’ basements because of the fighting and bombing in the vicinity. There is no chance for those people to be evacuated, ISIS snipers would kill anyone who doesn’t belong to them, they are unmercifully shooting women and children who are trying to flee toward the Iraqi forces, and the streets of the old city in the right coast of Mosul now are completely destroyed and heaped with dead bodies of innocent people who were murdered by ISIS monsters.
The battle now has reached the last episode, it is in the old city of Mosul. I don’t know how this will end as the building there are about 200 years old and they hardly withstand the wind. the historical identity to Mosul will be smashed and more innocent people will die and we have no power to do anything but to wish that the war should end as soon as .