Tuesday, July 01, 2014

A letter to my mam

Tired I am tonight,  mam.
Holding inside me a pain of whole town.
Living a story that schehrizade didn't tell in thousand night and one night.
The face I see in the mirror is older tens of years from mine.
In my eyes I see no hope,  no light,  no sunshine.
Even my heartbeat seems to annoy me.
I don't know me mam!
My thoughts are crisd cross,
My plans are no plans.
The minutes are passing as weeks.
Even the seconds don't pass, mam!
I was lost in iraq ! So I flee out.
Now I am lost in Jordan ,mam! 

And if you want to hear a joke.  I just knew that I am expecting a baby. . so I am going to be a mother,  mam!

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