Friday, December 10, 2010

Just to say Hi..

She is always tired, Always busy and always taking exams….

Yes, she is always complaining, always crying and always not satisfied!

She is always fighting and always dreaming and always feels the need to write!!!
Unfortunately, this she is always me!

I finished my midcourse examinations before a couple of days and that explains my hyperactivity in refreshing this blog and may explain this few hallucination’s lines!!

I am totally occupied by this fantastic pharmacy college I am attending. Sometimes I reach the point of being unable to decide which thing gave me more worries, the war or the pharmacy college?

But since my study in this college will take 5 years of my life and the war seems to leave me with none, I can tell that my life is of war limiting steps!!

After all, being engage to one of my collegue makes college a more welcome place to go.

I am giving my best in studying and I pray to have marks that suite my ambitious spirit this year inshallah.