Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just to say hi and talk to you later

seems like I haven't wrote anything here since the school began... well, Network curfew!!! ^__^ *kidding*

I have been so busy last three week with school, my sister engagement party, and my other sister vist to us and all of that keep me out of reach.

umm, Third stage in Pharmacy college seems bretty much better than the second stage with it's more interesting subjects and better teachers. But I still have that problem with a douzen of unread lectures waiting to be studied.... I 'll talk about this later

My sister's party was a great waster of time, we spent weeks preparing for it... And It was worth working... umm, I'll talk about this later.

so see you later, Because it's time for electricity to turn off..
And untill later, Stay safe dear reader..