Saturday, March 03, 2007

My vacation

I was talking with my mother in our Kitchen while she was washing the dishes.

he is my dad, he was sitting in the living room watching the news

they were a passing by... they were 3 women and a kid walking in the street.

that's what we heard, my mom jumped from her place and I was too busy watching my mom.
my dad as usual did what he always does when we heard an explosion.

He went out of the house. At that time there was a shooting so I go after him and pleased him to come inside and when he came back he was followed by 3 women and a child. they were walking in the street and the explosion made them crazy so they ran into our house. They sat for a little while and then left after the shooting stopped.

the situation is always getting worse. one day ago, we heard about 2 big explosions each hour.
We didn't even fix the kitchen's window that broke last month. because every day we heard an explosion which is big enough to break the window over again.

Before a couple of days my aunt came from
Baghdad to see my uncle after his operation.
After one day from her arrival, a big explosion took place near from the house she was visiting. All the window of the house had broken and some of the doors too. my aunt injured in her front head but it is a small one so don't worry about that.

Before two days I went with my friend to visit
Mosul university, Our journey was beautiful. We visited My sister's college and pharmacy college and some others.
The whole university looked so nice especially my sister's college, but pharmacy college looked awful, It was like a jail.
After that journey, Part of me felt happy because after no long time I will be there but in the other hand, part of me felt sad because I didn't feel that I belong to pharmacy college (which was my dream). Maybe because its bad looking or maybe my uncle advice me to re-think about it. I really don't know but I thing that I began to like architect college.
who's know??

Hey I remembered that I took some pictures inside biology collegea and they are that picture above.

Your friend