Wednesday, December 22, 2004




Jeff said...

Good to see you back, Hinky. Hope things are safe in your area.


Anonymous said...

Hey HNK, i did one too of that! I hope all is well
takes care seun

KeiT said...

Congratulations, hnk :-) All the traits mentioned above makes you a SURVIVOR, especially the one about being optimistic and playful. I know you will get through these very hard times and come out a stronger person who will be able to meet all the difficult challenges in life. I hope and pray for you and your whole extended family to be safe until life becomes more secure in Iraq.

David said...

Hnk, always keep trying to remove the blindfolds that other people attempt to place on you. Ask questions and seek more than one source for the answers. Weigh the opinions of others and use your own inner sense of truth to decide what is best for you.

I hope that you will always have plenty of green grass! :)

jimmy said...

These could be the traits of a person that will grow up to make a difference in her homeland. Listen for the bells of freedom and democracy, these coupled with the spirit of your fellow countrymen will go far to bring peace to the world. I hope the new year will bring you happiness and peace.

Cryolite said...
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Cryolite said...

hnk.Asalamu alikum. I' ve come across this poem and i want you to read it. I know you like school, but this poem is a joke so don't take it seriously. Most probably you've come across it. but if you didnt i hope you like it
من طلب العلا نام اليالي *** وسحب البطانيه وقال انا مالي
خذالصفر ولا تبالي * * *فإن الصف من شيمت الرجالي’

دخلت الإمتحان من غير تحضير***فوجدت السؤال الاول عسير’’’

والثاني لم اجد له تفسير***والثالث كادعقلي يطير’’’

فدعوت الله ان يقرب ورقه زميلي مني***ويبعد عيون المراقبين عني,

اللهم عليك بدفتر الدرجات***وحول الصفر الى مئات,

اللهم عليك بالوكيل***واجعل له خرطوما طويل,

اللهم عليك بالاخصائي الاجتماعي***وجعله منما تنهشه الحيات والافاعي

اللهم عليك بأستاد اللغه العربيه***واجعله من عمال البديه,
اللهم عليك بأستاذالتاريخ***وحذفه بعيداا الى المريخ,

اللهم عليك بأستاذ الجغرافيا*** لانه من عصابه المافيا

اللهم عليك بأستاذ الاحياء***واجعله اللهم من عارضات الازياء

اللهم عليك بأستاذالانجلينزي***Because he is so crazy

اللهم عليك بأستاذالعلوم*** واحبسه بين الفك والبلعوم,

اللهم اعط المدرس ضربه قويه***والمدير سكته قلبيه

والمدرسه قنبله يدويه؟!*** والطلاب عــــــــــــــــــطـــــــلـــــــــه صيــــفيه

اللهم ان هذا من باب الدعابه فلا نرجو منك الاستجابه

Cryolite said...

Thanks hnk , for stopping by...
Am somalian and i live in the united arab emirates

emigre said...

I won't post the code here, but mine was;

Eyes open
Solid Ground

Fayrouz said...


Happy New Year and keep blogging.

Jan said...

Happy New Year Hnk. Keep on blogging.

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

happy new year every body...
and thank you alot

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