Sunday, March 13, 2005

Best or worst

Hi people,
Sorry I am late, but now I decided to write a new post because not posting made me sad more than I was.
Anyway, today I got the least mark I have ever got in physics. But on the other side I got 99% in chemist and that made me alive untill now.
There is something strange, when I was at school I felt so sad and I felt I couldn't stand up anymore. but when I go back Home I felt that most my feeling were gone.
Mary came today to the school and she looked better than before but she was feeling bad because she had many examinations to do. And many lessons to study it.
We heard that the final examination will begin on May. There is something we called (E3faa)(اعفاء) this thing give the students a chance not to do the final examination if he or she got more than 90% in this lesson.
I hope I will not take the final examination in all of them, but in physics I don't think I am able to pass it without the final examination.
Tomorrow I don't have any exams and I still don't believe that. but I didn't finish my homework so I must go now.


Hassan said...

Nice post,
Note: To non-arabic speakers, the 3 in (E3faa) is an arabic letter which is not found in English.

Mad Canuck said...

Wow.... 99% is a great mark in chemistry. Congratulations!


David said...

Dear hnk,

Congratulations on your excellent Chemistry score! When I was your age, I earned exemptions (I didn't have to take them) from my final exams much of the time because I made good grades. But, this was not good for me in the long run. In college, I had to take all my final exams, but I was so used to not taking them that it was very hard for me to adjust.
Keep up the good work! :)

Jeff said...

Cheers to you for your good grade and keeping your chin up!


Anonymous said...

keep going. think of the chemistry result. physics is really hard. keep trying.
take care

Fayrouz said...

Dear hnk,

I'm glad you got 99% in Chemistry.

I love the e3faa system. I hope they still use the overall 85% e3faa system.

I'm sorry you didn't do well in physics. Don't get depressed. You can do better next time.

Fayrouz said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
$@!F said...

Hello hnk

I don't know that e3faa system is reactivted again,
I wish u all good thing in life & e3faa as well.
Physics of the 4th grade was one of my best except Bernolli equation chapter but i still like Newton equations,projectile sys, & physics of electricity

I wish u all good things

Laura_L said...

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Anonymous said...

thank you all,
I will write a new post when I have time to do it. till that time keep in touch.

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