Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Me again

this post was written yesterday
Hi all,
I know I am late for writing this post and many of you thought that I will stop posting. Well, I was too close from that but here I am again.
My mother told me not to write a bout politics. She told me to write about my normall life, But I don't live a normall life so how could I follow her advise?

Today I went out of house. I reach some area that I didn't see it from more than a year. I passed bridges *lol* Yes I did. I should celebrate because of that.

Me and my sister went to take Aya to the kindergarten for the first time in her life. We went to the kindergarten where there were a lot of children and we left Aya in one of the room with a bout 8 children and went out from the room. All the children were crying there including me and my sister but we were crying without tears. We could hear the sound of crying in the next room where we sat with the monitor of kindergarten. for sure there were many crying sound.
My sister was more relax than me because she couldn't recognize her daughter's voice while I could and I was sure that the baby who have this hight hurting voice was Aya.

Me and my sister were looking to each others eyes with a fear faces. We waited an hour in the monitor room and then we went and take Aya from that small, fear, babies room. when we entered the room Aya was calm. her eye loked smaller because she cried alot.when she saw her mother she began to cry loudly and her face looked like tomato. she kept crying all the Time we spent going to the home. This day was hard for me and for Aya and her mother but it was an experiment. So tommorow Aya will go again to the kindergarden but with out us . She will be lonely with all these babies. Aya is the youngest baby there.

in the evining we went to my uncle's house, His daughters came from baghdad and we went to see her and her beautiful daughter who is in the same age of Aya but Aya is older than her in 5 days.
We spent there a good time and after that we bought icecream and return back to our home .
I don't know what I am feeling now. But it's is a good feeling that I don't test it from along time.

hummm I taste that my country is still beautifull in spite of every things happened to it.