Monday, September 05, 2005



After I visited Syria and Jordan and saw how the people out of Iraq live, I can't understand why people like you passed times reading my blog while they could do many many things to enjoy themselves.
After whatever I saw, I knew that you deserve a big Hi in the beginnings of the post.
It's really mean to me that you are reading these words.

Do you know what the cute funny things that mum said when we went to one of Syria's city and saw how much the natures there are so beautiful? She said "they cheated Bush by setting up the war on Iraq"

The strange things there in Syria, that you can see women wear a little peace of clothes And there were another women near by them don't show anything from their bodies. They walked side by side and even together.

someday We were in a shop and we heard a loud sound so we disturbed. The owner of the shop asked " you are Iraqi, ha?"
Poor people like us who get used to hear the sounds of bombs and explosions all the daylong can't habituate themselves to the normal sound.

Really strange how much our countries are close but they are too different. There is no safe word in our life dictionary in Iraq. But in Syria if you put your bag somewhere on the street, you will find it in the same place after a week.

Safety and peace are the most important things to me. So let me feel them!
My Mum said that she didn't saw me laugh and smile like I did in Syria.that's make me think of my past life and how was it!

Every day, from the 15 days we spend them out of Iraq we didn't came back to the hotel unless we bought a gift for Aya. You know how much we love this baby and how much it's mean to us.
I feel sorry for her that we didn't celebrate her first birthdayBut because my grandfather is fine now, that's ok for me.

We bought babies stories for Aya. Every days I should read one for her I make her see the pictures and I say this is cat and this is dog and so on and I say the cat said "meow meow" and the bee said "bezzzzzzzz" And she really like what I did, and she laugh at that and smiled and her 4 teeth appeared and make me feel a good feeling. And for keeping this smile in her face I have to re-read the story again and again and again till this smile don't mean to me so, I quit and stop reading.
Some times I wish the stories didn't discovered, and on the other hand, I thanked God there are something called story in this planet.
It's strange how much Aya kisses the story all the day and she refuse to give us a kiss.
Story..Story it's her only love.

Good bye now