Friday, September 29, 2006

Ramadan kareem

Alsalam alykum,
Ramadan kareem and Inshalah seam makbool.
First of all, I turned back to my school and began the fight with studying. well, I am scared from this year. I have to get hight marks to enter the suitable college for me. I need to do more efforts and more study and that is ***.
well, This picture shows our breakfast in the first day of ramadan.
I love Ramadan, I think the best days I lived are the days I lived in Ramadan. especially before the war. Ramadan was un believable for me. Ramadan made me feel happy more than anything I don't know why and I can't understand why.
when I don't eat anything for 14 hours I have to feel hungry and ungry too. But when I feel hungry,I smile and feel really happy.
Ramadan gave us joy certinly.
Anyway, I have to go now... see ya


Anonymous said...

Have a happy Ramadan. It seems that you are. What kind of food is that? It looks very good.

Anonymous said...

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programmer craig said...

Happy Ramadan, HNK :)

The food looks good! Do you have a big feast every day after the fast?

Dancewater said...

Ramadan kareem to you HNK!

and many blessings.... and good luck with your studies and I know you will get into the college you want next year!

Ali said...

wow that food looks amazing.
Ramdan Mubarak.

dgfdsgdsgds said...

Never thought I'd say it, but I terribly miss the futoor gatherings of Ramadhan in Baghdad, even with the insanity that was going on. And we used to have that same green pot!

Anonymous said...

Happy Ramadan! Wow, that looks delicious!

David said...

Hnk, your breakfast looks very interesting. I wish that I could taste it! :) I wish you good luck as you start the new school year. You are a very smart person, so I am sure you will make high marks! I am glad that you are feeling happy now. :) I hope that you will enjoy the rest of Ramadan! Take care.

Flower^Angel said...

oh that sound soo yummy :)

bel 3afya dear ..

Libby said...

Your post made me think, hnk. Sometimes, if I'm very busy, I skip breakfast. I bet NOBODY skips breakfast at Ramadan.
It must get difficult to study once you start feeling hungry again. As always, you can just do your best.

Anonymous said...

Where I live our breakfast is so different that what you are eating. Is that food just for Ramadan or is it what who eat every morning. What is it? Here we eat eggs or cereal of sometype for breakfast.

Anonymous said...


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