Friday, November 24, 2006


HI all,
With tears and emotions we have to say Good bye for the people we love,even we don't want to leave each others...We have to say good bye... Good bye with no reply but only good bye.

"H", My christian friend and one of my best friends..
I don't know what to say except I think I was lucky to have such a beautiful friend like you...I truly love you from the deep of my heart and I didn't know that I loved you that much.I thought that my friend are the same, And I didn't think that I love one from them more than the other.
But Today I found out that I was wrong. "H" was special. I can't remember that she hurt me someday or said something bother me. She was quite and silent.

to better or worse this life will lead us I don't know, But I swear by the name of God I will never forget you my sister...

It's the life who judged to us to suffer and separated. Who was thinking that you will leave.. Leave me , leave Iraq and leave your past life and everything.

I don't know what to say. but I know that today I see my friend for the last time and only God know if I will see her another time or not. She and her family are leaving to Syria for the moment and then they are going to move to Canada. They received a threat and they have to leave Iraq. I know it's better for them to leave but ..... It's my friend.

Today we have a party in the garden of the school and it was full of tears. We ( me and my friend) were waiting "H" to come and when she showed up we ALL burst into tears. with nothing but tears and hugs we said hi and said bye to her. She gave each one from us ( her friend) one of her toys and it was nice from her to gave us something from her personal stuff, I am sure that I will always remember that this toy belong to her. As my teacher said, our country lose "H"... I hope it was that simple since we all began to lose, lose everything even our country.
All the people are leaving Iraq, My uncle and my aunts leave to Dubai.
My other aunt move from Baghdad to Mosul and by the end of this year I think we will have my grandparents in our house, Do you know I didn't see my grand parents for more than a year.

I don't know what to say except I think we are hardly live here and we are hardly keep going in this life, I wish some times that my eyes are a digital camera so you can see what I see, or that you have a magic ball that help you to see me and see everything around me, maybe that time you can feel my pain.....

I hope I can write a new post soon.
I have a bad temper all the days that I can't write so forgive me...


Libby said...

Forgive you, hnk? There's nothing that needs forgiveness. Nor do I need a crystal ball to see & feel your pain.
It must be hard to lose your friend H but she and her family will be safe in Canada. You will stay in touch by letter or email I'm sure.
If your grandparents come to stay with you, that will be something to look forward to.
If I meet H here in Canada, I will make her welcome. :)

Fayrouz said...

Dear HNK,

This was a very touching post. Thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

I can tell you from a personal experience that you will see and hear from your friends in the future.

I left Iraq 12 years ago. I still get in touch my Iraqi friends. Remember we have the internet and all those techno goodies that made the world a small village.

Take care and keep up the faith.

red one said...

I am really sorry, Hnk. Friends are so important - it is hard when a really good friend has to move away. And even harder in the circumstances you face in Iraq. I am feeling sad for you...

I hope you and H can stay in contact and remain good friends even though it will be hard for you to see each other.

David said...

Hi Hnk,

I have said goodbye to many friends too in my life. Most moved away, or I moved, a few have died. It has always been hard for me to loose a friend. But today it has never been easier for friends to keep in touch. When I was your age, there were no blogs and not even any email. You and H can stay in touch if you both make the effort. I hope you will. I have a friend in Canada. It is very cold there, but the hearts of the people are very warm. It should be a good place for H and her family.

I hope you will see your grandparents soon. I always enjoyed seeing my grandparents. I am sure that you will feel better when you can see yours.

Two days ago, we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. I spent the afternoon with some close relatives and we shared a great meal together. I hope you can have a similar and very happy gathering of your relatives soon.

Take care.

supermilarocks said...

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Sage said...

Hnk, I am so sorry your friend had to leave, and saddened by the terrible circumstances that made it necessary. But I believe you will be so excited when you hear from her again, and I know you will.

Canada is a good place, with much beauty, good people and exciting history as Canada developed as a nation in much the same way we in America did at the same time. They are good neighbors and friends and H will find much love there to remind her of you.

I am very touched in my heart by your beautiful post. You are a wonderful young lady. Your friend H being in Canada will give you a good excuse to visit one day. And who knows? There may come a time before long when she may be able to come back to Iraq and visit you.

My best to you and your family.