Monday, January 01, 2007

The end of the end

Am I here like someone special..........?
or I am special because I am here......?

because from now and forever
I want nothing but only but to be here

I want to be that someone who was born here..raised here, and more over dies here

Am I here living in Iraq or I am just imagining myself there?

I have mouth, eyes, and moreover I have ears
I can hear their whispers...I can see the results of their crimes fill the streets with fear.

the eyes filled with tears..the hearts filled with fear...the mouths filled with words I wonder if you will hear

hear their words..their stories...hear their tales of this year.
I wonder if you will hear. I wonder, will you burst into tears,I wonder if you will really dare to hear?

Many things happened that deserve to write about.
But Many hours passed I thought that I could not write in this blog anymore. I can't say Happy Eid for all, I can't say happy christmas and happy new year.
Because I feel that I am writing only a words that can't do anything for the people who read it.

My words didn't left steps in your hearts and it will never do. because my words is mine. it only mean to me because it's come from the deepest point from my heart.

You know what?
I think I was wrong.. ... My opinions changed from the first year I wrote in this blog. I thought in that time that everything is going to be good and acceptable for all of us but I was wrong my friend, I was so wrong. I was wrong when I said that Saddam don't mean to me anything. I was wrong when I said that I think he is a bad guy ( he might be, but he might be not).

Now I feel guilty because now I believe that he is a MAN ( a brave man) if you just saw the video that someone took in his execution, you will see no fear from death. You will see a look in his face, a look of someone who is ready to challenge, who believe that he was right . Who believed he was doing the right thing after all.
He was smiling . I don't think that I will smile if I was in his shoes.
I will probably burst into tears and say Mameeee :(

Anyway, from now, I won't say anything bad about Saddam because I don't know whether he was right or wrong . But I know that the people who came after Saddam is Evil and worse than devil and Saddam was better than them......

And I have to say something, What were they thinking when they executed Saddam in the first day of Eid ? Eid is our chance to be happy, to gather with our family and try to forget everything bad. And they turned our happy feeling to sadness. This is the most stupid thing they have ever had, did this people lost their mind? I am sure of that . That was a huge Mistake ( a very huge mistake).

Thank you all for reading... And happy new year

your lost friend HNK

from where Iraq was there


David said...

Hnk, you are not lost because I have found you! Also, if your words didn't have meaning to me, I would not have been reading them for the past couple of years! Your thoughts have value and importance. Try to keep that in your mind, ok?

Every Iraqi blogger I have read is saying what a huge mistake it was to execute Saddam during the Eid. I have to agree! I just hope that more people wont have to die because of such a stupid thing!

I hope you can enjoy the rest of the Eid with your family. Happy New Year! :) Take care.

Unknown said...

There is a rock song of the 1970's that says "The darkest hour is just before dawn."

However, even after dawn, there are still dark places on the back sides of the mountains, in the low places.

Marshmallow26 said...


Don't say lost, you are not...

You know what? I felt the same, my family and neighbors said the same thing about Saddam, he didn't deserve to die that way but what can we do now, he is gone and we can't change the history, all what we have to do is to moderate our people's minds and then our country..

Stay safe

Libby said...

You sound so sad. Your blog has done something. It made me feel I am your friend.

Here. Hold my hand.

Luther said...


New Video Appears to Show Body of Saddam After Hanging

Luther said...


White House Tries to Sell Iraq Plan to Skeptical Republicans

olivebranch said...

You should all see it clearly; she has lost her sence of who she is. She is not lost. She wouldn't be writing to us if she truely felt lost. She knows we love her and are hear if ever she decided to contact any last one of us.

HNK, you are now learning what its like to understand the world for the confusing, in-depth place it is. No story has two sides, all stories have 6billion sides (one for each person who tells it). Nothing will ever exactly be as face value makes it out to be, but you are still young and have learnt so much for one so young.

Keep learning, Keep writing, Keep your eyes wide and your ears open- and you will learn things like no other person around you. You will come to understand the world better than I do by the time you reach my own age, barely 20 years old.

Just keep pushing through it all and we will be there waiting at the other end, waiting to come visit you in your Iraq; the one that is safe for you and us to travel in together.

Luther said...


NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak Charged With Attempted Murder in Bizarre Love Triangle

Luther said...

Iraq to Close Borders With Syria, Iran for 72 Hours in Security Crackdown

Ron said...

I just wanted to say your a brave person for writing the way you do. Anyone who can write deep thoughts, and allow others to read it exhibits a form of bravery, whether they know it or not.

The Internet, and blogs, allow people from all over the world to connect in ways that exhibit a true form of peace. Sharing ideas, questioning what is around us, and allowing others to see that brings an inner-peace within the writer, and is a gesture of friendship to those who read it.

I sincerely wish you all the best in your future. I only hope that one day things will stop being the way they are in the world, and that we all live in peace, and extend friendship to everyone in new ways.

Ron (Del Rio, Texas)

p.s - I saw a picture on your blog from 2004, I think you titled it "Space" - that was an awesome picture. I love stuff like that. Also, those drawings done in Paint were pretty cool too.

Ali Yaseen said...

ما شاء الله على هل كتابات الحلوة اللي دا اشوفهة بالمدونات مال عراقيين الشرفاء واستمروا يا اخوان وان شاء الله نوصل لشي وابدا ابدا رب العالمين ما خيب ظن عبد بي والله يوفق الجميع( ملاحظة:كتابتي باللغة العربية ليست بسبب عدم المقدرة على الانكليزية ولكن من اجل الحفاظ على الهوية لا اكثر واني الممنون)

Anonymous said...

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