Wednesday, August 08, 2007

ذهب مع الريح: Part one

I know you missed me and you were worried about me, well you should :)
I also know that I didn't write anything from along long months. Therefore I have many things to talk about and I don't know from where I should start.

In the first of April we stopped going to school in order to study for the Exams we were going to take in the 12of June. The first month of studying was excellent I was studying hard and I was doing my best.

As you know, my grand father and my grand mother came from Baghdad after my uncle and aunt left Baghdad in order to find what you called it a life. the situation became UN believable in Baghdad and it was somehow UN possible for human being to live there .

In May my grand father's health began to get worse day after day.

Some day I woke up in the morning, Mom sat to break fast and she was too close to cry. I knew that my grandfather was not OK that Morning. I entered his room and said Hello, and he opens his mouth but he couldn't reply. But I knew that he heard me .

I don't know what I was thinking that time but I went to my room to study, I was trying to persuade myself that he is OK and it was just like the days before. I really knew he is not OK and his day is today . I mean:

كلُ نجمٍ الى الافولِ ولكن.. ... آفةُ النجمِ أن يخاف الافولا

Anyway: I lost my grand father that day while I was studying up stair... Well he was more than my grand father, he was my hero and he will always be