Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Life is difficult.. life is hard

Another morning and another day, I woke up and said to myself over again for the third time in that week “yesterday I’ll start my examinations”.

Scare, yes I was so scared that they will postpone the exam again and I was feeling uncomfortable and unsettle.

I heard in the news that there is a curfew in Basra and I expect that they will postponed the exam, so I didn’t read Arabic till 4 pm when I was somehow overcome to my last disappointment .

Finally, a new day had come… a very precious and wanted day had come. It’s the day of our first examination.

I was nervous in the morning before I went to my school and I was still can’t believe that I’ll really do the exam. Till the last second before the Exam started, I had confidence that the ministry of education will announced for another surprise.

Anyway, I took the Arabic exam and I did well. The other examinations passed smoothly and I finished my examination on the third of July.

I was so happy that I am in the holiday, the holiday that I was waiting for along long times. But I was sad that I missed my cousin’s engagement.

Anyway, I did one from the harder accomplishment on my life. I finish the high school. I am from now a fresh woman.

After a couple of weeks I went to Syria to see my uncle and aunt. My uncle left Iraq since 2004 and we didn’t see him since then. So it was so nice to see him and see my new cousin.

We spent good and happy times in Syria and after 15 days of having a peaceful and quite life we turn back to our Home (Iraq). So sad and so glad to return back to Iraq.

In our way to Iraq we had a little accident, the driver was making a call while he was driving the car, A child was standing in the middle of the road and the driver didn’t see him. My uncle was sitting beside the driver and he was half sleep but he saw the child.

“ look ahead” that’s what I heard before the car went right and left and then right and left and then we knock something and they the car continued running UN straightly. After a minutes which really seems like a hours, the car stopped and we were all shock, looking to each others with our full open eyes. Thanks Allah the child was still a live, so we took him with us in the car to the nearest hospital and then we had to change the car because the driver staid with the boy in the hospital. The car that transported us to Iraq was so old. It had no cooler. So we were dying for 10 hours. The accident was a welcome message from our country.

After a week we reached our house “ joking”

After a week I received my mark. It was a good mark but not the marks I was expecting nor the mark I deserved but it still good.

I get the average 94.4 but I have an extra special addition for taking French language make my average 97.6.

This Mark enable me to go to any college I want.

What college I planning to go? That’s what you’ll know in the next post

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