Tuesday, November 13, 2007

eyes on my life

Salam to all,

The winter is coming and the weather is getting cold every day, Najma and Aya have a flue already, and I am not feeling fine theses couple of days.

I have very good news, I was accepted in pharmacy college in Mosul University.

I am so eager to go throw this experience and start a new life as a college student. I still remember very well my first steps in the primary school and I still remember how scare I was and how I spent the first days following Najma from place to place. Najma, Poor girl, happy because I didn’t apply to her college. Who want to be with a sister in the same college anyway!!

A way from her eyes is a great opportunities for me to be natural, but my cousin who is two years older than me is also learning pharmacy in the same college so I am not really can do stupidities and get away from them without being noticed. I know that my cousin is very good boy and he will help me while being in college but I am still not relieve for the idea of having a relative in my college.

I am still not sure when I will start my college but I guess the time is not far away.

I will see a people, I will see streets and will learn knowledge ( I will have a life) .

PٍS:all our study and courses are in English, I know my English is good but I don’t know any of the medical words, I can’t even pronounce most of them. I am searching for a medical dictionary, better to be English-Arabic. And if you find a dictionary I can download it on computer it’s will be great even if it’s English- English.


The situation is Mosul is still getting worse but in the other hand there are things getting better. A few roads which were close last two months, today they are open.

Talking about negative situation:

Before two weeks, our neighbor’s brother who is about 30 years old, married and having a kid did’t return to home. They thought that he was kidnapped and they waited a call from the people who kidnapped him, wanted money for the sake of his release. Unfortunately, no one call. And two days later he was found in the postmortem room. Today, our neighbor called and said that he is leaving Iraq to Armenia .

The basic is:

We are still insecure and in danger even when we are in our own house. But life goes on.

Your pharmacist friend from iraq


Anonymous said...

Congratulations HNK. I am very happy to hear of your new life. I am sure you will do well in school. Now you will be able to leave your own mark on the world. Its kind of like being reborn as a new women.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, hnk.
Good news.
You won't see much of your relative. College is big. Have fun!

John said...

I'm so sorry about your neighbor. But congratulations to you on your big achievement.
Here are some links to medical dictionaries, including Arabic:
But don't worry about not knowing enough. You probably know more English than the others. And besides, you go to school to learn, not to show that you already know. Most native English speakers don't know all the medical words either; they come from Latin and Greek (and Arabic also, to some extent).

John said...

P.S. Tell Najma we hope she feels better soon.

Unknown said...

Oh, HNK. What wonderful news.
I know you'll do really well. I'm sure about this. Now you can be your real self. I can hardly wait to hear about your first day. I wonder what you will have to say about the boys in your college. Najma talked about boys when she first went to university. ;)

As always, I wish you the very best, Libby

I’m as imprisoned ... As an eagle, flying high said...

Alf Mabrook hnk :D
Inshallah this will open so many doors for you, and inshallah you enjoy each and every moment.

David said...

I am happy for you Hnk that you were accepted to the Pharmacy College. :) I hope you will enjoy the university when you begin. I am very sorry to hear about your neighbor. I really wish that Mosul would become a safer place! Take care.

Anonymous said...

And I hope you a successful life in your university, and to be one of the greatest and famous Iraqi in your major and servive your citizen.

Unknown said...
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Helga Hin said...

Hello HNK and congratulations.
I just wanted to encourage you if I can. I'm currently studying Computer Science in a different country (I'm from Iceland but studying in Denmark), I'm 35 years old and I have 3 children. All the lessons I take are in English and there are SO MANY words I didn't know before but have learned as the weeks have passed. It will be no problem as soon as you start. The first few days are always the scariest ones. Good luck, and enjoy your time in college! :-)

Anonymous said...

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