Monday, May 12, 2008

Wish you a healthy life

I don't know from where to start and how to start so, I will just took a paragraph from what Najma wrote in her blog to give you an overview about what is going on in my life:

"A bout month ago, dad had a colonoscopical examination it turned out he needs an operation and needed to have it as soon as possible. Colonoscopy revealed ulcer and multiple small fungating tumors that caused partial obstruction of the intestine (this line was written with the help of my sister, of course). I overheard this accidentally since mom and dad had decided to hide this as long as possible so we could study!

The surgery was scheduled on Sunday, I had an Electromagnetic s exam at the same time of the operation. Both the exam and the operation were delayed since the roads were blocked; many students couldn't reach the university on time. The surgeon's neighborhood was surrounded, the ambulance couldn't get to him, they had to call the police so they can escort him to the ambulance and they arrived at the hospital two hours after the scheduled time. There were about 12 doctors (friends and relatives) at the OR and if it wasn't for all the calls they've made the operation would have probably been delayed for a later date.

The surgery went well but there was more at stake for dad than expected.. They had to remove the sigmoid and do a temporary colostomy which he is going to have to remove in another operation in three weeks."

Have I ever mention that I am the youngest girls between my sister, well, it seems that I will always being treated as a little girl even the fact that I am now 19 years old and aunt for 3 children.
no body told me about the surgery that my father had to do, no body told me that my father have a cancer. I was somehow busy with my exam which I did well on them till my father told me that my he have to do a simple surgery. And I never ask why !! * You can say that I didn't want to know why *
The day of surgery was horrible, I did very bad in my exam and I don't know if I will pass on it or not. that's not important now anyway.

After a week of the surgery, I finished my exams and I returned back to my life and found myself waiting for the biopsy result with my family. I didn't have an Idea what this result will show, I never ask, never think about it. I was the most stupid girl I have ever be and that what I realized after my mom ends her call with my father's doctor and said " thanks Allah,
the biopsy results showed a stage A cancer" At that moment I stood with my mouth widely open, feeling that I have being kicked on my head, hearing Najma telling my mom " Mom, hnk still don't know!!! " I stood there seeing everyone looking happy where there was no happiness in my heart at all.
After all, I thank my Allah for stage A cancer. And I pray that my father will heal soon.

There is no hug I can ever have let me feel بالاحتواء like the hug of my father.
My father, if you are reeding this
"I love you deeply baba "


Anonymous said...

Hi Hnk,
Wow! Such a long time, no writing. What's wrong with you? Write more often - it's good for you.
I'm sure it is so hard. Nineteen years old in war-torn Iraq. Keep going. Try hard.
My 18-year-old daughter moved to Tokyo last month to study. She's 19 soon, so we we'll meet for a party. She will be the same age as you.
Even in the terror of Iraq, try to find some fun. OK?

Anonymous said...


well i like what u wrote today. My daughter has also cancer and she is only 1 year old. She has eye cancer (Retinoblastom) and has had her right eye removed and also chemical therapy . Dont worry, I was also shocked and we cried for our daughter but u have to go through it and make the best of things. We are hoping that her cancer doesnt spread to other parts of her body and we are especially scared about her left eye that she might also loose it.
By the way i was the one who wrote last time not to "moan and cry", I didnt mean to hurt u in any way.
from suey

Unknown said...

Dear hnk, what an awful shock for you. I'm not surprised you didn't do well on your exam. Let me wish you, your father and all your family the very best. And I big hug from me too. :)


John said...

Dear HNK,
Your blog is very moving. I'm sorry that you're going through so much. You do express yourself very well though. I'm praying for your family. And to Libby, I'm so sorry about your daughter. I'll pray for her too. I hope that she will not lose her eye. There's so much suffering in so many different places but it is nice that there are good people who care about each other.

Anonymous said...

This was a very good post from you. I'm glad to hear that your father is ok. I guess you will always be the baby of the family no matter what your age is. That just means that they love you and want to protect you.

David said...

Hi Hnk, I read Najma's post about your dad, but I'm glad to read your's too. I am also glad to know that your father's cancer was caught early and was not serious. I wish him a quick and complete recovery.

My best friend's sister died from cancer a few years ago. She left behind a daughter. My friend is being a very good uncle to her. He talks to her often on the phone and sees her in person when he can.

I like the painting. Did you create it?

John said...

Please stay safe HNK! I'll be praying for you

don said...

Dear HNK,

My mom had colon cancer this last winter also. They had to do an austomy to temporarily give the area where the tumor had been a rest to heal. Then they were able to re-connect things and all went well. But it isn't ever easy, and nothing is ever certian.

Cancer is one of those things that will most likely touch us all and in some ways it brings us together.

You are in my thoughts. I know what you are going through. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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Jenny said...

We are all hoping for the best for your father's recovery. Thanks for sharing your story and we also wish you a healthy life!

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