Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rise and fall

From where I am
writing my post
To where the words
Of mine is read

From where the suicide bomber
was parking his car
to where the sound
of the bomb was heard

From where the danger
Of war was come
To where the injury
Of missile was lead

From where the fighter
was kept strong
to where the widow's baby
is being fed.

There is a fear
There is a pain

There is a garden waiting to be seeded.

From where the bell
Of school was rung
To where the student
Found what he seek

From where victory
was first tasted
to where the hope
of winning was needed

From the day the man
went to his job
to the day he received
His first threat

From time the building
Of house was finished
To the day we realize
We have to leave

There is a rising
There is a falling

there is a top we are waiting to reach

Note:this poem is written by me, who is now taking her final examination and really really need your prayer.I am really depressed from studying :(

It's so clear that I will never stop whinnying, there is no hope in me at all.


BOOKISH said...

Very Nice
I've understood it. :D
To tell the truth, I have never been touched by poems. Not never but rarely ( I'm not that cold). :)
I like novels much more than poems. Almost all poems are hard to be read. One should be smart to understand them and should be talented and very smart to write some verses.

from where I'm or wherever I will be.
To where you are or wherever you're going to.
I will wish you all the best.

I hope you are both, you and Najma, doing well in your exams.

As for the photo
I photographed the same place, almost in the same way and at the same time, only a few days before!. ;)


Average American said...

There is most surely hope in you! You may not feel it in you, but it is there. Anyone who has grown up in a war zone as you have most definitely has hope. I have been reading your blog and the blogs of many other Iraqis for quite some time now. It absolutely amazes me just how brave you are. At your tender age, you have never been able to live a normal life, yet you are still functioning in a relatively normal way. That in itself is close to a miracle. God must have special plans for you. Some day you will stop whining, and I have to tell you, you have every right to whine occasionally considering the position you are in. That will change. The war should continue to ease, and you and other young people such as yourself will be left to make a better future for your children.

You have my prayers and I'm sure the prayers of everyone else who reads your nice writings. May God bless you and your family. Please try to clear the depression from your mind. Things will look brighter with the passage of time.


John said...

Dear HNK,
You are an excellent writer and poet. I am sorry you're feeling sad and tired. Try to take care of yourself and to get the food and water and sleep you need. I will certainly pray for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You have a talent for writing and expressing yourself. You also have the right to whine. Stay safe and keep bloging.

Anonymous said...

GooD Luck in Ur Exams..Good Luck To Me Cos i need it too..

About Being sad, We all feel sad Here but what makes a difference is keeping Faith that Everything will good no matter what..

Btw: There's a qoute i Originally Made: "From the Sadness comes the greatest Writtings" and Ur poem is So Great..i really like it..

Don Cox said...

Good poem.______________There is hope for Iraq so long as it has people like you and Najma.

Unknown said...

The harsh depression abuse with swords the experience of hope:

the eyes do not see,
and ears hear not,
the legs not walk,
the feel can't touch.

The prayers from beyond
(since time with out beginning)
build with power:
a fluorescent shield.

From where the sadness
was sucking light
To where the heart have
been protected.

* * * * * **
your friend

Anonymous said...

Your poem is evocative and beautiful. I have a son your age but his life has been very different from yours. Here in the US much is censored so we don't know what life is like, esp. for young poeple in Iraq, like yourself. I hope everything goes as well as can be for you, and that you attain the highest goals for yourself to go where you wish to with your life.

Anonymous said...

Dear HNK: This is a lovely poem. I worry so much about your sadness. When I was your age, some 60 years ago, I could not do all the lovely things you are able to do. I had learned to write with a typewriter, very slowly though. Now look at you with all of your wonderful abilities, you can use a computer and communicate with the world and are working to be a pharmacist to treat many patients. You have a wonderful life ahead of you. I will pray for you and for your success. Thank you for posting for us.

David said...

Hi Hnk, sorry I am a week late with my comment. I haven't been checking a lot of blogs lately.

I used to write poems too when I was your age. I still occasionally create one. But, I never lived in such a stressful environment as you have experienced since the start of the war. I can see in your words that there is much suffering in Iraq and in so many ways. I can see that you are suffering too.

At least you have your school work to take your mind away from your troubles for a while each day. I hope your final exams went well. If you have more this week, then I wish you best of luck!

Take care.

Dancewater said...

That was beautiful.

Good luck with your studies.

John said...

Dear HNK,
I'm so very sorry for all that your father is going through. You and your family are in my prayers every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hnk,

You have many wonderful talents. I loved your poem and you are a very good artist.

Please don't worry so much. It will all work out, just as your sister says.

I hope your father is better.


Terrible said...

I like the poem very much.

Unknown said...
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