Friday, July 17, 2009

Coming back to blogging world

Since my last post, many things happened and most of them are good :

1- I am now 20 years old so you are not going to read a diary of a teenager girl but a woman !!
I guess :)

2- I finished my exams after a very hard month in a hard year (Second stage), my result showed an average between 60--70 in all subject which made me a 20 years lazy Iraqi women indeed.

3- After few days from the beginning of my holiday, me and my parents went to Saudi_ Arabia for Umrah (عمرة) and I came back few days ago.

It was always a dream in my list to visit makka and to see al ka'aba and I am so happy that I had this chance, wishing that I can accomplished each dream in my wish list :)

Here are few pictures that I can share :

This is al_ masjed al nabawy from outside in Al_madina.In our visit, we first went to Jeddah by airplane directly from Mosul, and then went to Al_madina by Bus.

Saudia is differ from Turkey and Syria that I had visit before. Well, it's more like desert but it's unique by it's holly places.

After spending 4 days in al madina, we went to Makka also by Bus and did Al_Umrah and saw al kaba'a for the first time, well it's more beautiful than I can describe and smaller than I thought, and it's so beautiful and it made me feel in peace.
Anyone really need to sepnd hours just looking at it, imagining it.... Bretty place.

This is a picture of building that located infront of Al-Ka'aba.

well, most of them are Supermarket, Moles, and restaurand. we don't have McDonald's, KFC and such restaurant in Iraq, so we really enjoy food ^__^

Now, I feel like I was dreaming, And I was not really there :) I don't know why, the days I spent there were passing on high speed.

our bathroom, my bed were the things I missed most. The hotel we settled in were not good and I am not going to share it's badness with you.

After spending 10 days in Saudia, I came back to my hometown where bullets and explosions were the receptor to the real life.

Usually, when someone come back from Umrah or al-Haje, the people visit him/her, usually Zamzam water is being given to the visitor. And we used these small cup for this purpose.

There are also some kind of special sweet ( Baqlawa بقلاوة , men al samah من السما ), and gifs from Saudia.

I am now busy with visitor and the house work and so I am going to help my mam now and write a new post soon inshallah.

دمتم بحفظ الله ورعايته
مع السلامة


Khalid from said...


Welcome back.
Congratulation on the completion of AL-Umrah. You did n't mention Najma? I believe she performed it too.

Thanks for the pictures, they are all look beautiful.


Sandybelle said...

Hello HNK,

first of all, congratulations for being a WOMAN, lol..

Oh, no wonder why you and najma were absent.. good for you, i really wish to be there once. very beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing :) :) ,i wish you more happy events.. Sandybelle

المسلسلات الاجنبيه said...

بيت فور العرب