Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just to say hi and talk to you later

seems like I haven't wrote anything here since the school began... well, Network curfew!!! ^__^ *kidding*

I have been so busy last three week with school, my sister engagement party, and my other sister vist to us and all of that keep me out of reach.

umm, Third stage in Pharmacy college seems bretty much better than the second stage with it's more interesting subjects and better teachers. But I still have that problem with a douzen of unread lectures waiting to be studied.... I 'll talk about this later

My sister's party was a great waster of time, we spent weeks preparing for it... And It was worth working... umm, I'll talk about this later.

so see you later, Because it's time for electricity to turn off..
And untill later, Stay safe dear reader..


John said...

It's excellent to hear from you, "dear writer"!
I'm glad you are well, and that you are doing well in college, and that your sister had a good party!
We had our first snow of the winter here. It was cold and wet but pretty anyway.

Anonymous said...

how are you doing grettings from tulsa, oklahoma usa i read your book it was great. i finally got to hear a story from someone who is actually living in the are zone. i am praying for you. i am a cristian and i would like to know more about your religon if you dont mind and ill tell you about mine if you want me to well how ia aya doing since the book was writting and the baby boy well get back to me on her ill check it everyday peace be with you

Sandybelle said...

Congratulations for Najma! and i hope you'll do all very well in school! be safe :) :)

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John said...

Dear Hadia,
I was so very sorry to read about the terrible attacks in Baghdad! I hope that you are well in Mosul. said...

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John said...

Happy November, Hadia!
I know you're busy studying but I just wanted to say I was thinking of you. Best wishes!

Crazy Teach said...

I am a teacher in California, USA. My class of 10-11 year old students are wanting to learn about new cultures and especially Iraq. They are very young and do not understand the turmoil in your country. Your blog has helped them to understand that they are very lucky for what they have and there are many people less fortunate than they are. Please continue your wonderful words, so we can keep reading. I am going to get your book so we can read it together. If you have an address for the orphanage, we would like to send them letters and cards if possible.

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hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

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