Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You are a drug designer

You are a drug designer..
NO, Not you!! I am not talking to you!!! BUT I am writing to you ^__^ and that’s certainly mean something
In all articles I wrote, there is special substance in common which is me *Thank you very much*

Well, I have spent my last summer holiday reading books talking about finding happiness and being the happiest and being confidence and blah blah blah.
Well, I wrote such stupid words on my copybook which says: You are happy, you are special, you are clever_ just trying to cheer me up since I am not enjoying studying pharmacy as I thought… well, I wasn’t cheered up when my friends read it !! Anyway it’s not only me who is trying to cheer me up, and it’s not only me who need to be cheered up * Well All drug designer need *

“You are a drug designer “she (Dr. Nehad) said this word in each times she entered the class, and with each time she went out..

Pharmacy students = drug designer!! * Really nice*

I have been dreaming of being a house designer, a clothes designer, an artist. But I have never thought that in becoming a pharmacist I will be a drug designer!!

And that’s make this science somehow a kind of art! And I am definitely loving art, and that’s lead us to the point that I love pharmacy and I will certainly love being a drug designer ^__^

I don’t know why this wasn’t a passing phrase …. It was a cheering up phrase maybe.
Umm, Midcourse examination will started next Sunday *__* and I am so afraid and really freaked out, but unable to decide in which mood I am.
I am spending an hour each day talking to my clothes’ store,
in which I posted a few sheets where I wrote headlines about (Antibiotic) in my own designing way. Really hard pharmacology examination I’ll have next week with almost all antibiotic groups beside many other subjects. I have a difficulty on memorizing and differentiating between them *__*.

I really don’t like moaning publicly but I am really under big stress now.

As I said before, my sister has been engaged to a special man as she is. Nice to have another brother in law, and nice to see my sister happy with someone. But it’s really not nice to have someone compete with me on my sister. I can’t ignore that I have some kind of jalousie feeling from him in their first week of engagement. I was talking to her about all things happening to me during the day, telling her my entire little secret. But now, there is something change, she is always busy, not listening with desired, not understood me like before. But that’s ok since she is happy and I am happy and we all living together in this happy Iraq * not funny!! I know ^__^*

Now, I really have to spend an hour in imagination by looking to my store clothes, and start a real step on designing drug!

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John said...

Dear Hadia,
Thank you very much for the update! I always love to hear from you and then I know that you are safe and well.
I'm sorry that you don't get to spend as much time with Najma as you used to. Not only is she a "star" but now she has a fiance! It's hard for brothers and sisters -- also children and parents I guess -- when one or the other has a life transition like going to college, getting married, etc. The world as you know it changes. I am a big brother and I always wish I was a better big brother. I don't get to visit my brother and family as often as I should. But you never stop being sisters (or brothers). My mother and her sister are a good example for me -- they are in their 60's and still really good friends.
Thank you for your interesting thoughts about science and art. I read once that the scientist who discovered the true structure of benzene thought of it in a dream. Nobody had thought that it could be six carbon atoms arranged in a ring. But he dreamed that the atoms were little people (with arms instead of chemical bonds) who danced around and then joined their arms for a circle dance. So it's really true that to be a great scientist you need a great imagination! I hope that you will be able to continue to use your talent for art (both visual, colorful art; and written words and metaphors) as well as your talent for science.
Anyway, stay safe -- you're in many people's thoughts and prayers as always!

John said...

P.S. Good luck studying -- but I think you will do fine!

Esmond said...

nice to see u keep updating your blog since 2004. read your blog since 2004. years pass like bullet train.
keep safe and be happy.
understand u coming out with book, amazing!

موقع نادى الزمالك تيم said...

you all right

bon plans said...

Good luck studying -- but I think you will do fine!

Borsa said...

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Borsa said...

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Borsa said...
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Ginny said...

Dear Hadiya,

I read your book IRAQI Girl. I am really sad that you had to live through such an experience. I can empathize in some ways though. I myself am from Pakistan. You must know about the situation there(if not its OK). There are bombs there everyday. Inever know if my relatives are ok or not though. There was once a bomb at a school my aunt teaches. She wwas cut in the forehead but no major injuries. When my mother told me about it i was scared. I myself am safe from such a disaster since i live in the US.,but it made me feel ashamed that i myself live here-all safe and cozy-while there are people like you-just inches away from dieing.I wear a scarf and sometimes kids at school joke that i am a terrorist and that i have bomb with me. I know that they are joking but they do not know how much it hurts me though. I really think you are brave and ever since i read your book you have been one of my heroes. I love you and hope you are well,

The pakistani muslim-
Rameen Malik

Specialist said...

Drug designer....its a so big word..and i dont think that many people or pharmacist know what it is mean?
with simple words it is mean to creat a drug based on our knowledge...this is simply what mean...iam a someone who study in one of pharmacy colleges in iraq..and i see that the drug design not just a word it required a special study,,special books and special software...

do you think that you have a basement requirement to be a drug designer?

網站設計 said...

hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!