Monday, March 01, 2010

UP_date: Rambling all around.

Rambling about the situation

The situation in Mosul is fantastic!! Indescribable in every single way.

The Christian students stopped attending their college a week ago. I don’t know which mechanism vanish them all that rapid!! Oh, yes I remember; it’s called killing and shedding blood mechanism!. Sometimes, in order to survive, you have to leave and so they left! As hard as it sound and as simple as this.

I sent my friend (Christian friend) a message to ask about how she is doing, she only asked me to pray for them. She didn’t told me where she is now, she didn’t tell anybody either but I guess she is somewhere in the north of Iraq (where situation is calmer there).

In my college, we have many students from other Iraqi cities, those probably live in student dominate and those as well stopped attending the college yesterday because the mangers of this house asked them to leave before the election that will be in the 8th of this month.

Me and other collegue didn’t go to college as well (kind of support) beside; the situation is not supporting us to do this either! :D

I am above 18 old *Old news!* and so I will have to particibate in this election *confusing news*

Simply: in this right moment, I am totally ignorant of what is the name ofIraqi president! And what hia assistants' names! I am totally ignorant in everything about politics and every thing that is going far from my eyes. I simply don’t have interest to know, no ability to bear another shock and to hear another news. I closed my ears and my eyes from knowing any news a long time ago. I only know that my country’s name is Iraq and we are ALL iraqi. But هذه البلاد لم تعد كبلادي !!

Rambling about my hoppy of drawing:

Drawing is a major solution for me to relax after a hard day. I draw using oil colour or using the ordinary pencil. my psychotic condition really get better after a period of doing this.
This year I will participate in a kind of competition. I am not looking to win as much as I love to be apart of this. I know I won't win ; I am not that good in drawing, beside, my drawing is naive !! I didn't have any drawing lessons ever. My drawing result from willing and not from skills.
But, I am really looking for the day when I will win in such competition. maybe next year inshallah.

Rambiling about my result in Exams

I always find my way to trouble no one but myself, working and giving my best and then when things don’t work out; I blame myself, hate myself and punish myself.

I gave my 100% in studying, and yes I passed *expected* but not like a hero! The thing that puzzles me is that I really think that I am an intelligent, I don’t know if it is the exam circumstances that freak me out or there is a problem on my mental thinking !!

I feel sorry for myself about that, But I can't help it. and No body else can !


Anonymous said...

الهه الازمان الغابره من حجر
القلوب القاسيه من حجر
تضيق بنا الطرق احيانا
ونستبق الهروب ربما
لكن حجاره ارضي احن على وجنتي

من الشيطان الاشر

سيدي او سيدتي لاتجزع ي ولاترتهب ي فهي كلما استحكمت اتت ..

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

شكرا جزيلا على المرور والتعليق
على أمل انها ستأتي!! ربما ! فلا بُدَ يوماً ما!!

John said...

Dear Hadia,
I'm so sorry that things are still so bad in Mosul. I don't know what it will take to make things right again. I hope they are at least improving a little, or at least that they will improve after the uncertainty of the election is over. It's a shame that people are targeted because of their religion, when they are citizens as much as anyone else. But then of course, no group has it easy in Iraq now, whether majority or minority.
As for your exams, I'm sure you did fine. You would have liked to do better because you and Najma are so motivated to be excellent. But maybe you get so anxious and nervous that it becomes harder for you to concentrate and to do your best. Anyway, exams are not the only measurement, and not the best measurement, of your abilities. You are already an internationally recognized author and future drug designer. So I hope that you will not beat yourself too much.
Very best regards,

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Thank you dear John, It was really encouraging comment. Really nice of you to leave me a comment in each post.

Don Cox said...

If you go to this web page, you will find a list of pdf files to download, which are an almost complete course in drawing comics. That doesn't mean only funny comics, there is good advice for straight drawing too.

I think lesson 16 is animals.

Anonymous said...

you are an artist in every thing

God bless you dear

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

seems like we are in the same shoes, ha!! but this shoe is really out of date!

Don cox,
I will certinly download this file,thanks ^__^

God bless you too ^__^. As much as I love to hear compliments, I don't know what should I reply !! thank you really.

Anonymous said...

well , just keep working and telling us your good news this is the best reply!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hadia,
I always just read what you post on your blog without commenting, but this time i want to comment little bit..
Its true we are living terrible life here in our city Mosul, but we must continue and do what we can and more than we can and never ever stop or even think in stopping because this what our enemies want from us..
About your exams in our pharmacy college, be sure marks are not the measure of being genius and smart all the time, I myself didn’t get the highest marks when I was student but I was happy all the time because I was learning what I was reading and was sure will be so capable in my specialty and at last I graduated and was number 1 in my grade in our pharmacy college in Mosul and in the whole pharmacy colleges in Iraq..
SO just do your max in study and never ever things in marks as you are still in 3rd grade..
GOD with you in your study..
If you need any help in your study am ready..
this is my email:
Also if u want search for my face book using the same above email..
Othman Pachachi

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! those drawings are amazing. I wish I could draw like that. And who knows...maybe you will win the competition. The top drawing is so creative. Good luck :)

John said...

Dear Hadia,
I also really loved your drawings.
And about how you passed your exams "but not like a hero" ... I already think of you as a hero.

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Dr. Drug,
thank you for your encouraging comment.

the Idea of the first drawing is not mine, I just like it and so I draw it :)

Thank you ^__^

Anonymous said...

Salam Hadia..

This is the first time i read your blog.. i know about this blog after reading your book "Iraqi Girl" A diary of Teeanage girl in Iraq.. i found the book very interesting.. though the life is hard.. insyaAllah i will follow your blog after this.. all the best in your study. I pray one day Allah will give peace to Iraq. (Sue)

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Salam anonymous,

Thank you for writting this comment. you are most welcome in this blog.

Jan said...

the situation for christians will be better in the north. And they can easily gio to Syria.
It's funny but a colleague of mine has a son who engaged a christian Syrian girl. It's all so close to you where the peace is. Ans you suffer for as long as a know you. Stay cool and keep on studying. You will survive the nightmare and m ight help to build up Iraq.
Do you know mr Melkert of the UN? He was a Dutch politician. But left politics after losing the elections. So he knows how it feels to lose elctions of someone who shouldn't win. Ad Melkert does it all with the best intentions.

Stay cool, Jan

Anonymous said...

Hi Hadiya:
I'm a friend of John Ross and he gave me your book a while ago, but I just finished reading it yesterday. Wow! People in the US are so ignorant of the kind of grief, heartbreak and tragedy they've foisted on the Iraqi people. My wife has been reading about the French resistance during World War II and she showed me this quote from the book "Resistgance" by Agnes Humbert: "For most Americans, war is an abstract, theoreticalactivity. They are waging this war an ddoing so extremely well--they are winning it, after all--but in their hearts and souls they haven't suffered its pain. They haven't seen their young girls carried off by the tens of thousands, their hostages shot, tgheir wives imprisoned,their houses destroyed, their possessionslooted. They've heard about it all, but its happened to other people, not them."
Good luck in your studies. I hope my country leaves your county soon before they create any more havoc.
Peace, Mark

esmond said...

how was/is your exam result?
You are brave girl living in a trouble time,place on earth.
Hope you well, and peace to you and your family

almanarh said...

كلامك مؤثر وواضح اعتقد انه لابد من الاستمرار

amber123 said...

Hello. I am reading your book right now. it is very interesting to see people that actually lives there point of view. I feel very sorry. I believe that you SHOULD have the freedom that we are bringing you. I read some of the comments from other people in the past. They aren't very nice. I am happy that you are beginging to be happy. Even if you aren't anymore. That is where I am in the book. I hope it stays that way!

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Thanks for passing by, well I never heard of Mr. Melkert!!
I will try to stay cool :D

Anonymous (Mark),
Welcome to all the friend of John Ross, This man changed my life, I owe him to death.
I hope you like the book, and the blog.

I pass in the Exam, So I guess they were good :D

أن كان لابد, اذن يجب علي ذلك ^__^
التوفيق من الله, لنا جميعا

Amber 123,
Great, Lucky my to have a fan readers :D

I passed across your profile,Thank you for following my blog.

John said...

We're thinking of you, Hadia. I hope you're doing well!
Very best regards,

Borsa said...
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Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

I am doing fine john, Thank you.
(I am doing exams :D AS USUALL)

John said...

Good luck with the exams! I am confident that you will do well.

Erika said...

Hello Hadia!

Your drawings are beautiful! I was wondering if I could have your permission to re post them on my blog, saying they are done by you (and talking about your blog).

Would that be alright? Let me know at

The blog is located at seventh stage productions website, under "BLOG".

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Feel free Erika...
and you are welcome :D

Specialist said...

Excuse me...when you are not no. one or at least among the best you are in the last..and no meaning to your life...sorry for these crude words but my dear this is the truth but you can do better...if you think that ,, you are a you have a dream...and to success you must catch your dream..but remember that when you catch your dream in your hand, you must think to get another dream ,, after that the live will have a meaning to us...but again at least we have to be the number one in what we try to do.

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Hello Specialist,

Why did you delete your other ummmm *crude!!* comment??? !!!

Feel free in writting comments. And my point of view say:كل منا أنسان واحد وفريد

And no one is qualified enough to jugde me.

Keep being specialist :D

Specialist said...

Off course iam not have the right to judge you but from your writing i feel need something like encourage or like this.....
you must remember
Success is not a point or goal to seek,Success is, believing you have never reached the peak
Success is not the power or the pride,Success is the knowing how to hide
and hold on to your dream that shows only one aspired direction -
success, success and more success

gih said...

How I wish I could have that talent of yours, buddy.

Rani Odesh said...

Hi Hadia,
My name is Rani :) i lived in Iraq till i was 16 and right now i live in Canada. I was in Baghdad during and after the war for 6 months before I had to leave due to you know...the postwar situation that you describe in you blog. Also, I just found out that you actually have a published book that describes the situation in Iraq. Although I have not read the book yet, I have been reading reviews and whatnot and from the looks of it, the book looks not only interesting, but also realistic which I find very brave of you to come out like that and show the world what is REALLY happening in there. I have read a few books that have similar ideas like books about the war in Afghanistan and such, and I'm looking forward to reading your book because it's something I can relate to. I just wanted to thank you for being courage and I'm very proud of you.

Rani Odesh

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

you are certainly have a talent in something!!

You are welcome Rani,
You can buy the book from Amazone:

Anonymous said...

Hi Hadia,

I have followed your comments for over a year now...I'm a Canadian Chrisitan white married woman who converted to Islam 3 years ago. I don't understand some of your comments about Christians moving north and why...but I suppose they are being persecuted. I wish the world wasn't so messed up but I see something in your posts (and now your beautiful drawings) that gives me hope. You are strong and open minded - please remember to stay that way as you age :)

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Open minded !! that's cool
Thank you :)