Friday, April 22, 2011


Things not only goes unexpectedly but unrealistically as well

Toxicology is the subject that I hate most in this course of my studying and I had Toxicology exam yesterday which mean that yesterday was bloody and drastic day in my mental life, In the other hand: I did feel that I must do it with pleasure that if i want to live with peace the day after since I will be done from it..
Unfortunately, at 6:45 AM my friend waked me from my nightmare to another nightmare when she said that “there is a curfew”
There is a curfew = there is no exam today = I have to prepare for this exam once again = more nightmares = more miserable = and more bad thoughts that I can’t no longer handle!!
There was a curfew yesterday, and there is a curfew today and there may be a curfew tomorrow and what else’s??? Do they want us to stop living? Wasn’t the 8 years of NOT living enough for them!!

when will this end! When will this soul have peace?

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islamic world said...
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islamic world said...

I hope that you find some peace for your soul
if not, I have given you my advice
ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب
" In the remembrance of Allah your heart will find peace ".[Qur'an, 13.28]

Wayne said...

Dear Hadia,

I am sorry to hear about all the uncomfortable things that are happening to you. I hope you are feeling better today and will finish your exam very soon. I think you can do well on it and successfully pase the quarter in good shape.

I always feel sad when I read about bad things happening to all the innocent people of your country. I think you have already been through too much.

I will be praying for you and all innocent people in your country.


John said...

Thinking of you Hadia. I think that you will do fine on the exams. I am sorry that these frustrating things are still happening and that you had to study twice.
You sound really upset and discouraged -- is there anyone you can talk to whom you trust, who might be able to help you find a way to feel better?
Very best wishes,

rental elf said...

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wfs said...

It's good to hear again Miss Hadia. Well, just go for it, nobody you can trust fully except yourself.

Roy said...

I tied to get on Najama'a blog but it was blocked. Didi I say something wrong. I've been reading her blog from the beginning.

John said...
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John said...

I hope you're doing okay, Hadia.
Very best wishes and a prayer,

Anonymous said...

hello every one..↲
thanks all for your comment.↲↲↲Roy,↲Najm closed her blog and stopped bloging months ago.↲don't worry,it's nothing personal.

Deutschland said...

I feel it is a really smart point of view. I usually meet people who rather say what they suppose others want to hear. Good and well written! I will come back to your site for sure! .

Anonymous said...

Hi! I wish you would write more. I like hearing from you!

Momentsofsmile said...


Dear sis I'm sorry that this is happening to your country and your people are struggling. Innocent people are lost in the middle. Insha'Allah peace and freedom will come after this struggle. Live every moment and enjoy it with your loved ones.. Masha'Allah you will succeed, keep working hard. you are inspiration for us. you and all of the Muslims are in my duas.

Masalam, your sister in Islam!

Андрей said...

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Anonymous said...

Are you married?

zorica said...

Hi Hadia,

My name is Zorica and I live in Canada. I have just finished reading your book!Thank you for sharing so many painful moments from your life !I wish that I was able to have 'window' into the world when I was living in Serbia during the 90-es.Living through economic,political crisis and studing ,was an art!Reading some of your postings, like ,no electricity and preparing an exams-it took me to the 93-94 winter ,when economic sanctions were in Serbia.I can totaly relate to that -sitting ,as you said,in cold room, no heat, no electricity,with a candles and trying to read...or comming home from university in total looked like twilight zone...
The only thing that was missing were bombs.Later, after I left Serbia,in 1999,NATO bombed my city,and my parents were there.
Hadia,I admire your motivation and hope that you have after living for so long in a war zone.
I am glad to learn that you are studying now and that you have found your love!
I also met my husband, who was at that time a refuge from Bosnia, during my studies!Love can overcome all barriers,all borders and all sanctions!!We did not have too much then,but we had each other ,our families and wish to live a better life.
I live so far away from my home country, but Serbia is in my heart and soul.I visit almost each year.
I wish you and all people in your country to wake up one day ,and worry only about small ,simple life things...
Good luck with studies !!

Nicole L. said...

I'm reading your book and I'm crossing my fingers that you read this comment. I searched on the internet to see if you were still blogging and you are! YAAAAAY :D
Well, I'm just a black girl living in California but you are a great inspiration to me.

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