Sunday, December 04, 2011

This website was never mere a blog to me !

May I say that I miss blogging, I miss being Hadia behind the keyboard, writing on her ideas, fears and thoughts... I miss having the courage to admit my poorness ! and having the faith that I can solve it all .

This life steal years from us, I grow up so fast and yes it seems that my adult's problems and stress are bigger * I confess dear childhood*.
Recently, I feel that maybe what I see is not what is going on, Everything seems fake and everyone look different.The college look different, My friends look different, I look different myself " I loose 2 kilos :) "
NO,SERIOUSLY: our yard battle "our life" seems different !

previously in my posts history I wrote a phrase that was written in the cover of my book
" I feel that I have been sleeping all my life and I have woken up and opened my eyes to the words. A beautiful world but impossible to live in "
These are the words of fifteen years old Hadiya

But the words of twenty two years old Hadiya :
" I feel that I have been dupe in my life, and I have woken up and opened my eyes to see the truth and my mind choose to close and will still choose to close as much as this worlds is not a the beautiful world and as much as I want to make it possible to be lived in !"

I need a whole new blog site to write all what I am feeling and living through.
I don't know, but I feel that this life is giving me lessons lately, too much home works and hard exams I may not be able to pass !

I also don't know why I am not able to speak clearly, and why I hide the story beyond this phrases and why knowing that my fiance or someone I know may read this words make me unable to write!

Frankly speaking,I loose my writing habit after my engagement. Obviously this prince stole more that my heart !!! :) BUT,May I ask : why he is not writing?

I miss writing, I miss it soooo much, but I miss my fiance too :(
why I change the subject ? I always change the subject, I can't focus! more than ten ideas visit my head every minute *And you still ask why I have a traffic jam ??

right now I feel that:
I need to write!
I shall and I must and I will probably well ... this website was never mere a blog to me !

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islamic world said...

Welcome Back

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...


Jon said...

Yay you are back!

Aisha said...

i have just recently seen your blog and i must say i`m impressed. i am so glad to see the americans getting out of iraq . inshallah iraq will become peaceful again .

Wayne said...

Dear Hadi,

It is very good to hear from you again. I always enjoy reading your writing.

I hope all is going well with you and your family.

I have to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

don said...

I've had the same feeling of not being able to write exactly what I want. Maybe because someone I know might be reading or because it exposes something too personal.

I think it's good to do it when you feel the need, not only for your own good but someone you may not know somewhere in the world may be reading and finding a lot of comfort in it one way or another, and would miss it.

I've read blogs I really liked and they all of the sudden go away and you feel a sense of loss in that person you came to know through their writing.

Anyway I hope you continue to blog.

Anonymous said...

I know you can pass your exams! You are determined and smart and I have been reading your blog for a few years now. I am a woman living in Canada and I can tell that you are strong. Be safe and do what your heart tells you to do. Not what anyone else tells you!

Anonymous said...

HNK....I'll love you forever

Anonymous said...

I am 20 years old and I just finished reading your wonderful book: "Iraqi Girl." I was so excited to see you still write on your blog! I was touched by your book and will be praying for you. Please keep writing! :-) (I also enjoy writing)

Haboui said...

Asalamu Alakum! I was looking through the books in my library, wondering if there are any about Iraq (Iraqi girl here from Baghdad!) and was interested when I saw your book. I'm already half way done with it in just an hour and a half! It's amazing, and it hurts me, and there are many storys that we both share. I was scared if you weren't safe, and when I saw on pg. 79 that it's on Blogspot (never heard of this before) I just had to see how you were doing. I was filled with joy that your safe and all I want is to see my home country, but my parent's aren't sure that now is the time. They're lived there all their life there and moved out when I was born. They're scared to see the places they love ruined. So my plan is to graduate, collect money and do something for Iraq. Something for my own land. You don't know how much you've inspired the people around you. Inshallah Allah will always help you in everything in life and for you to finally have the peace you've always wanted. Wow, long post even though I didn't say everything I'd like to. But ya, I will always pray for you and your family and though they've taking the soldiers out of iraq, sadly it will still take a few years to make Iraq a better place. Ma3ah Salama!

Blowing Wind said...

Hi I have just finish reading your book... and I decided to search your blog... your writing is good :-) I am sure you know that already. Anyway after reading whats going on in your world... its motivated me to push myself more and search information to find truths .... ill be lucky if you ever reply even just a Thanks to me.... Keep up your good work.

- From Ari A girl living in the U.S.

Samiha Hoque said...

Its nice to read what you write again. i wish you a happy life!!

~ Samiha Hoque Muslim in the US

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burun estetigi said...

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