Friday, March 18, 2016

East or West; OUTSIDE Iraq is the best

In a sudden; they left
with toddler hesitated steps, they crawled
their moves were done with silence,
And their destination were to anywhere.

Some readers asked me why i didn't choose another Iraqi city to live in after fleeing my hometown

First of all during the day of all this rubbish happened, the whole thing was not an optional for us. we fled to where the road took us. Duhok was the nearest safe place to us.We were accompanied with our Kurdi neighbor who could sponsor us to get into Duhok city.

Yes, it's true that Duhok is an Iraqi city but yet so far we can't get into it without being checked by eye prints and giving full ID name and picture. This is done for each Arabian Iraqi person trying to enter it's border before the fall of Mosul even happened !

And after the fall of Mosul the things were pretty much harder. without having a sponsor Kurdi inside Duhok, you have no right to enter the city. 
Peoples who didn't have sponsor were left out the border, later were moved into a camps. 

Staying in Duhok was hard and illegally possible.Even with the aid of our sponsor we couldn't get un limited residency time there. 

Fleeing into Baghdad was even worse option. althought I have my grandpa's house there but the house is empty from it's owners. I visited Baghdad in may 2013 for 3 hours only and I left in the same day because it was so danger to stay with all fake checkpoints in Baghdad to filter Sunni's people.I visited Baghdad one other time on February 2014 when I chose to travel by airplane since it is no longer safe road for Sunni Iraqi to get into Baghdad. During this visit I didn't talk a world with the people in the streets because I have pure Moslawi accent that can't be missed. I returned back as soon as I finished my work there.
Moreover Baghdad followed the steps of Kurdistan and didn't allow Moslawies after june 2014 to enter without having a sponsor !!! 

To be more honest:
If you are Sunni Moslawi :
There is no place for you to live in Iraq anymore.

Those who choose to stay; they beard the high rent prices, high cost of living in Kurdistan and the bad treatment in police station to get the security permission to stay in kurdistan for one month. Those people are:
1- Either not having passport or didn't get a visa to go to other place
2- or their children have to finish  their college in Kirkuk or Erbil.

In my case; i was lucky to have visa to Jordan since i have a Jordanian sibling and i was more lucky to have a great high license in Pharmacy but luck didn't help me In Jordan since i am restricted with Jordan's laws that prohibit me from practicing my work, restricted my residency with fees (2$ for person a day) even if i was counted with refugees under UNHCR protection.

At the end; i reach to a conviction that there is no Moslawi comfortable with his situation and we are all chasing our dreams and being chased by ISIS curse.

can anybody help us? PLEASE


Unknown said...

Ojalá pudiera hacer algo por ayudarte, Hadia. Pero no se me ocurre nada. Europa está cerrando las puertas a los exiliados de Irak y Siria. Es horrible lo que está sucediendo. ¿Has probado viajar a algún país árabe occidental? Me refiero a países como Argelia, Túnez o Egipto; quizá allí puedas trabajar o al menos vivir tranquila con tu marido.

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

No, i have no interest to have another temporal station in Arabian country. Hard to explain it but it will be as hard as starting over again in Europe.
I am in Jordan and i have an idea ( not a good one thought) so i won't waste more self-power on vain.

Sadako Yamamura said...

You should come to USA, it is better, there are some Iraqis in the state were I live in USA. I think you need a Diversity Immigrant Visa(DV). I will leave you this link if it helps you:

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

hey Samara;
i applied for this kind of visa. it will take till May when the result should be announce .

Sadako Yamamura said...

great! I hope you get the DV to come to USA. I wish you the best:)