Wednesday, May 04, 2016

# Allepo _is _ burning

 unsurprisingly, it is the most trending hashtag on social media at present , all the world appeals for helping blameless people who have no guilt but to be living there, on the land of the bloody war.

No one could believe that the hair-raising scenes shown on TV or the internet are from our real world , the world that call for peace , human rights , and saving people every day. What a wild world we live in today! A world who admit to leave the people at the mercy of bombs and rockets , to close the door in front of any one who want to run for his life , and to enjoy watching them sink in the seas without being affected.

It was  shocking to watch the debris of the  destroyed buildings heaped over injured or even dead victims، blood rivers flow everywhere , and crying children looking for their lost families !

Between the depressing pictures concerning Aleppo crisis which spreaded on the net was that one of the frightened old man , raising his finger toward the sky  with blood and dust covering his face . It really breaks the heart seeing such an old man in such a miserable state . Almost all the facebook pages published his picture to show how hard and disastrous the situation is in Aleppo , but do you know what? The picture was taken in Mosul !! Yes,  It was taken in that day when Mosul university is pounded . Mosul is being destroyed too , every day tens of rockets are thrown on the city but no one knows ! Mosul is as miserable as Aleppo but no one hears about it. I don’t reproach publishers , but I want to send a message that Mosul also needs help , it also lives the same drama of killing , bombing  , and forcible displacement as that of Aleppo.

The problem in Mosul that it lacks the media coverage , the city is isolated from it’s surroundings , No one could go into or get out of it . Besides the daily air strikes that burn the city every day . Most of people now are out of pocket , distitute of their basic needs , helpless , and wonder how to survive next days which appear to be more complicated as the air strikes on the city become more violent every day .

Mosul really needs your urgent help , even by your prayers , it doesn’t deserve all that torture it going through..

We ask God to be merciful on Mosul , Aleppo ,and all the innocent people who just want to live in peace in their home.

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