Tuesday, October 18, 2016

This too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone! But it shall pass

with silent I am watching; My city getting hurt !
 Only prayers and rosarys; I resite day and night .
I waited for this libration for so long. Long enough to feel like it might last forever. Today;I am not unable to define which feelings cope the other: fears or the expectancy joy.
 May Allah be with you my relatives and friends.
 Only time seperate us from the end of this game. But we ran out of patient.
 Me and my parents are not talking to each other, everyone is sitting in his own room, sharing his pains and prayers with only God and I can't stand seeing my parents this way. Please time; Go fast!

 يا غارة الله جدي الحل مسرعة
 Mosul is on Allah preservation and protection.
 # الموصل_تتحرر
#الموصل_طبلها الجيش


blogger on icedaniel.se said...

Strong text about life !

olivebranch said...

Ahhh dear, I really really really hope for you to get back to your home some time <3

Unknown said...

Cierto, pasará. Pero cuando haya pasado, Mosul habrá quedado completamente destruida con los bombardeos. Nada de lo que alegrarse.

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

ciertamente; Yo sé eso..

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

I have no intend to go back to Iraq.
I shall go on in my life.
Iraq took away so many things from me.