Wednesday, January 25, 2017

RIP my nephew

For the souls of those kids whose life was not as much fair as will be their death

 I am sharing this story of my youngest nephew " Anas " _8 years old.

this is a part of the story that I will write in two parts. this is only part of what my nieces and nephews passed through. one story of many other happened every day in Mosul !

old pictures of all the kids of my sister showing Anas on the left side.

It was the 7th of January:

the Iraqi army began their plan to liberate the neighborhood where was my family house, the house that my parents built in 1982 and where I grow up together with my two sister.

 After my parents fled Mosul in 2014; my big sister with her family ( her husband and four children stayed in that house) the house was adjoining the medical clinics of my father and my brother in law.

the house is located in the main street in front of one of the most important bridge in Mosul. liberating this area was considered as a very good progress and advantageous for Iraqi Army in their war against ISIS.

the coalition air-force was participating in this process, and let us be honest, the neighborhood was liberated faster than anyone could expect. but this victory claimed on the life of many innocent peoples in Mosul/

It was nearby afternoon when all the family of my sister were in the house while the battle was taking place out; I don't know who to blame but the air force was making quick stupid decision in hitting houses just to cause the kill of two ISIS man fighting in the street ahead.

firstly the clinics were hit by rocket and before anyone could take the next breath; another rocket followed hitting the house from the back.
the house fell apart causing a huge destructive in the building of the house. parts of wreckage cause the immediate death of my brother in law,

My sister body was hidden under wreckage and she fainted out after parts of wreckage cause her a skull injury.

My old niece had only small injury as she found herself under the sofa ! that cover her body and save her. my old nephew had very bad injury in the right arm and left leg.

As they all acted non consciously in some part of the story, it was really unclear till now what is the cascades of the events but at some point my old nephew ran despite his injury and saved his little sister who was screaming while burning, in the other hand; the sound of my  little nephew "Anas" was not heard, No one could see him as the fire was extended and the dust and smoke were filling the place. My little niece insisted on seeing him burning in the room where the rocket fell and this later was found true.

Three kids were trapped in the wreckage without any adult with them, the god put power and gave the old boy the strength after he saved his young sister, he walked and searched and found away to escape. he returned back to his sisters and told them that "Mam and Dad died, we must go out before the fire expand to the whole place". in the middle of their cries and conversation, my sister returned back to her conscious, she yelled and moved her hand, the kids saw her and tried to get the wreckage from above her body but they couldn't. The two girls followed their brother and claimed the stairs and when they were in the second floor, they found what they describe as " Skis", part of the second floor was totaly destructive and bend to the floor. the kids found their way out and yelled till the neighbors hurried to them, my nephew led the neighbor to the place of his mother while my two niece were suppose to ran to the neighbor's house; in their way out; a group of ISIS ran towards them taking the little girl and ran to hide somewhere using the girl as human shield, as the neighbor followed my nephew; they could get my sister from the wreckage, and found the body of Anas and hide it from the eyes of my sister..
they went out to see my big niece yelling for her sister and again they challenge the death to survive this family. our neighbor went to where the ISIS hide with my little niece and took her back to her mother !

later; they were all led to our neighbor house. the Army sent ambulance to move them to the hospital but my sister refused as she couldn't accept the idea of leaving the corpses of her son and her husband under the wreckage but the health of all of them were not good. my sister had bloody vomit and my old nephew was screaming from hurt. we could hardly later sent them a car to moved them to a camp and later to a hospital in Erbil where my nephew had three surgery and my niece had one.

The corpses of my nephew, Anas and my brother in law was buried 5 days later as the street was a defensive line between ISIS and the Iraqi army and no one could ever reached the house.


Sasha Crow said...

How hard it must be for you to write this, to live it one more time as you make it real on this page. May your brother-in-law and nephew rest in God's hands and may you and your family find peace on the other side of your grief. Much love to you, my dear xxx

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Anonymous said...

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