Friday, April 14, 2017

A little bit of talk..

it have been a while since I found myself writing  here.
I am not ok; it seems to me that i am waking up from the shock that followed the tragedy.
Some times I keep asking my self why to be sad. it's true that Three months passed since my brother and nephew were buried, but We in the other hand are just like dead bodies waiting our turn to buried ! the only difference is with the hideousness of being died.
some died after an explosive rocket,
some hang up on the streets Columns
some are hunted by sleeper cell
Some died gradually, cell by cell and nerve by nerve as he sees his dearest place and dearest person gradually pull out from his life, pull out wholly and pull out forever.

the liberation process on the right side of Mosul is going with thousands of blood  being shed with extortion. hundreds of children are on a date to play with my nephew "Anas" in the garden of heaven where peace is doubtless and Justice stand above all.

my other nephew and nieces are almost completely recovered from their physical injuries. but inner injuries are those that can't be seen, can't be healed and painfully last forever. they began to attend school in Erbil after they lost two studying years while Mosul was under the control of ISIS. 

the problem with having all their passports lost in the attack is blocking the chance for me to see them again, to have them between my arms! is one of my dearest dreams. my love and worries about them duplicate after all what they have been going through.
On the other hand; beside needing them because I love them, I need them because I  Am feel so lonely here; I need friends, Jobs and joy to occupy my time, to keep me busy from calling on memories that I don't need to remember. to keep my inner thought calm before it will fire and burn every single hope inside.
I would rather start to talk about my life as a refugee in Jordan in the next posts rather than the suffer of people inside Mosul. I should accept the fact that I have nothing left there except my root that I will certainly love and proud of for the rest of my life.

talk to you later and untill that time;

Pray for Mosul 
Pray for Moslawies
Pray for refugees 
Pray for Iraq !

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