Saturday, July 01, 2017

Phantom pain

Is a perception sensation that an individual experience related to a limb or organ that is not part of the body.
This is not a medical lecture, this is my internal emotional sensation.
Nabi Yunis mosque (Tomb of Jonah) was bombed 3 years ago and I still can see it from the guest room window of my parents house !
I can still feel the standing potency of the hunchback mosque that the ISIS blew a week ago !
And I can still hear the sound of my passed nephew Anas!
I can’t help myself to believe that all of that are things from the past that will never ever return!
I can’t help because I am from Mosul, and Mosul is running in my blood and in my heart.
And if a right finger’s ring is that which connect between our Souls ( my country and me) then imputed the finger by fleeing the country doesn’t mean that our spiritual consensus is over ! NO, I am still wearing the same ring but in another hand ( country), and whenever someone mention the name of “Mosul”, “home”; I am still painfully checking my right hand finger although my right hand finger is imputed and Mosul is Erased from the plan.

I can’t add more words, but if you understand my point; you will understand why after all; there is no Joy accompany the liberation process as Mosul is losing the base from where all this culture and historical civilization shine !