Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Two humans...one world

       Every human has needs, dreams and ambitions and we ,as Moslawis “referring to people from Mosul”, are part of this world, we genuinely have the needs for living and to dream for a better future. I am now 28 years old, which means that I have been living half of my age in warfare, what a peaceful life!!. I think every one in Mosul has the same feeling of living a delusive life, a life in a different definition to those who live out of this spot. If you ask a child what would make him happy, he may answer “meeting his dream hero, or buying a new toy” while a Moslawi child’s answer might be “ sleeping a night without a sound of a bullet”! It was my dream 14 years ago as well. A man may consider himself lucky to still alive after having his house fallen over his head due to an explosion in the vicinity and he has to be thankful even if he has lost all his property just like a man who would get a better job, buy a new car, or win a lottery!. A huge gap is present between the two humans  make it impossible to compare. Mosul now is in urgent need for help, Rehabilitation is required not only in on infrastructures aspects but also on the people themselves, they are now desperate and have lost hope, 14 years of war and fears finished by destroying the city and they are required to show gratitude and without any complains although it’s not their faults that Mosul invaded by brutal terrorists. It is required ages to make that child forget the sight of her lovely doll being buried under the rubble and she wouldn’t hug it before going to bed any more!. Children need to be “reformatted” to love the life again, to dream with brighter tomorrow, to make make them realize that there is another side of this world which is totally safe.


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