Sunday, September 12, 2004


In the morning, Dad went to the hospital and mam to the university, and me, Najma ,my sister and, aya stayed home. We woke up at 11 when Aya started to cry and without a stop. At 12, I began to prepare our lunch and tried to do some thing to stop Aya's crying. My mother came after that and took Aya from me, And started to sing her Aya's song.

My sister was so worried because her husband might come to mosul today or tomorrow, and there was plenty of bombing in Mosul and Baghdad, at1 o'clock, her husband called her and told her that he is in Mosul now, so she started to prepare to go with Aya to their home :(
My dad called and told us that he will be late because there was bombing in the streets and the streets are crowded.
We heard in the TV about the killing of one of Al-arabeya's team, And We watched him before he died in the TV . Now, My mother's friend came to our house because she couldn't get to her house because of the crowded streets.

So after all these news I will try to not be sad, But the good news that my uncle will come to Mousl in some days, And he will stay with his family in our home"in shallah", I hope we'll have a good time with him and his family.


Anonymous said...

I pray all will be well with you and your family. Take care.

Anonymous said...

hey hnk,
im so sorry to hear whats going on a mosul, and it hurts to know that there are people, from this country contributing to that, i am truly sorry, and after seing how beautiful mosul is, is very saddening to see it being bombed
seun xxx

Anonymous said...

and yes, you will be in my prayers too, i hope you and your family are kept safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend
Thanks alot for asking - I'm OK (الحمد لله) - I hope to all the Iraqies to be safe - I heard also that there is some bombs in the Mosul - I see that U R OK thanks god - I wish to you the best in your life