Saturday, January 29, 2005

hnk talking

I was thinking last night when I went to sleep: "are american soldiers came to Iraq and get us the freedom which we need?" I ask my self this question and get the answer, it was (NO)..why?..I will give you this simple example,
I don't put my real name in this blog coz I still don't have a free opinion in this life, I can't tell the truth till I be sure that nobody knows me.
plenty of things happend and I don't write it because of you, you make me suspicious of people who are always sopport me, you don't lives in Iraq, you don't knows what happend and you want to incumbent upon me your opinion and made me beleive that while it's wrong. isn't that what you called it "brain wash"??

surely I want the americans soldiers get out from Iraq as soon as possible.If they settled down in Iraq they will kill us like they did now. propably they don't kill us by their arms, but they kill our hearts in their behaviors more and more.

Today Mosul news anounce that they will tell us the election menu soon, the election will be in sunday and till now they don't anounce the election menu!!! ...what happend to the world?

from tommorow there is curfew till next tuesday. iraqi people should not walk in the street, sould not went out and see their country, this country which build by their hands...can you help me to shout

I tell you before about the water in Baghdad, there is no water in that days when we were there, but I didn't tell you about the water that we were dringing, in whole my life I studied in school that water don't have color, oder, and taste but I discovered that time I was wrong it, have color and taste. So was I dringing water or something else..?

ps: if you asking about my friend maas, she is ok.