Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hnk in the wonder land

Hello people,
day after day my laziness increases to write this post but here am I writing it after along time..
I took my exam, and I get well in most of them, but in physics I don't get as I want to, I spent a hard 2 hours when I was writing my answers, the time didn't pass like a days but it pass like a minutes and when I finished writing my answers I was wonder which question should I skipped because we had to answer 4 questions from 5 and that was a big decision I should take, at last I skipped the question which was almost right and I don't get well in question number 3.
As you should know, all the bridges were closed in that day so there was a big problem to those people who were living in the other side of the river, because many of them couldn't reach their school, and many others reach it after one or two hours from the time of examination, and they pass across the bridge on their feet "they walk and walk to take their examination".
In the same day one of the teachers came to our class where we take our exam and told us that the poor old guard of our school was killed by American soldiers today, So most of the girls began to cry. But the big problem here that this guard have 10 children and one of them was blind and his wife is sick from about one year. so how could they live without food or money. the master of our school take donations from the girls and gave it to his family.
I am so mad of Al-jazera and Al-arabia's news because they took the news which be in harmony with their strategy... the best thing that Al-jazera said was in the war when it said "it's a wrong war in the wrong place with the wrong enemy" ..bla bla bla

My mother prevent me from playing with Aya in the examination days, so when the holiday began I was able to play with her, and the next day after we finished our exams we went to Baghdad... Yahoooo .. I was so excited.. I will be in Baghdad.. Baghdad the beautiful.. Baghdad the heart of Iraq..
Anyway the road between Mosul and baghdad was hard and difficult, there was a bombs in front of us, and behind us, but we were like rambo :)..
The way from Mosul to Samerah needs 3 hours and from Samerah to Baghdad needs 3 hours while the distance from Mosul to Samerah is about 300 Km and from Samerah to Baghdad about 100 Km ...
After 6 hour's from suffering we reached Baghdad, I saw Baghdad but not that's Baghdad which I used to know, it was different, something changed I can't describe it.
In Baghdad there were no water and no electricity. You feel disappointed when you open the tap and there is no water coming ou, and after 4 days the water came, and my uncle said laughing we should vote for Ayad allawi because in the same second We have water and electricity and that is a miracle .
About the election, I don't know any one will go and vote and that is not which I want but you know we couldn't go and vote, if you want my opinion I am with the "Royality" I think it's the best.


Anonymous said...


I'm glad to hear that you all made it to Baghdad safely. I know that someone already left this link on Nabil's blog for Najma, but I will try to leave it here as well. It is worth a read. If you scroll down to his January 19 entry The Cat talks about a post that Najma wrote. There are always two sides to every story.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Baghdad despite the problems.

Take care,
Lynnette in Minnesota

P.S. Say "Hi" to Najma for me.

Anonymous said...

HK, when you compared yourself to Rambo, that tickled my funnybone (hee, hee). Actually, imagining the dangers on the road to Baghdad was sad and scary, but you managed to make it funny anyway. Good luck to you, your family and Iraq in the next few days.


TimT said...

I hope everyone you know votes, hnk. Don't be bullied by these terrorists!

Anonymous said...

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