Saturday, April 02, 2005

heh ..heh ..heh

Hello all,
How are you all? Good?,, let's begin :)
We went to Al-majmauaa today(something like a shop). Me, Najma, and Aya and her mother and her grand mother. Aya showed a lot of intelligent there, she didn't stop talking in her language and guess what she learned how to clap her hand yesterday. Oh children How did they grow fast !!!
Anyway, there we meet another family which have a child older than Aya, He saw aya and said (Dada... dada... dada) and pointed to her, she responding with him and began to talk. So that was cute, but I don't thing his parents saw that cute " they are not cute".
Guess what I bought????
Sami yusuf's song. Is they are these songs which I always put their links in my blog.
BTW, I took a picture for my new school but they are not clear. So when they took us to it I will bring my camera again and take it a pictures for you to see it.