Monday, April 25, 2005

I will not wait any more

Guess what happened to your friend Hnk?

She got E3faa in all subjects.

OH YEAH, I did it.

I know I did not post from a long time and you missed me so much "so am I"

well I'llt talk about my new school, it's a good school, we have a large yard and therefore I lose my friends all the time, and spend the space time looking for them, then I find Najma who always ask me "why you are not walking with your friends?".
But the problem is our classroom and many other classes have a windows which is facing the street. So when the bullets begin to rain we don't know what to do.

I told you before that I have a problem with physics. Our Physics teacher removed the least mark we had it in the exams. So I got 100,100 and 95 so the mark be at the end 98.

Oh, last week was really bad, we couldn't reach home at time. We often had to leave the car somewhere and go home on foot. "Now I know why my weight is less by 4 kilos".

what do you want me to talk about? I have many things to talk about

The situation is so bad. It's getting worse by time. But we didn't care about our lifes and went out of the house to a picnic with the family.

My English teacher told us to write something about our future and what we want to be in the future. I gave her my homework and she read it and laughed, but she didn't give me any comment :( I will wait till tomorrow and we will see.

Oh I remember I will not go to school tomorrow. All the girls who get E3faa in all subjects didn't come to school from Sunday except me and 2 others girls. So the teacher said that these girls are studying to have full marks not to be educated persons.

I took some sweet with me to school to give it to the teachers. I entered the teachers' room and my legs began to tremble. First teacher looked at me and ask me "Is (A) is your aunt?" I said yes, and she said I saw you when you were a little girl in her house (thanks God she didn't begin to tell me how much a cute girl I was). The next teacher began to speak how a polite girl I am. The next teacher asked me why I would give them sweet (of course it was because of my success). The next teacher stood up and told all the teacher I am Najma's sister. (And the next teacher, and the next teacher AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. They make me crazy.

Yesterday, the computer's teacher came to my class and told the English teacher that she wants me (who me? I am Najma's sister). The English teacher asked: "Najma's sister come here! They want you here." I went there and then the computer's teacher said to the English teacher "she (she meant me) doesn’t' like to be called Najma's sister", the English teacher said "I know". How cute teachers!

I want to learn how to speak French good this vacation, but I don't know how?

I want to learn many things, but I do not know how to learn them and I do not know if there is enough time to learn them all.

Two days before was Najma's birthday. I couldn't go out of the house and that was the cause why I didn't buy a gift for her and therefore I asked her to choose three kinds of sweet to make it for her. So I cooked cream puffs and cream caramel and other one which I don't know it's name in Arabic to know it in English.

That's all what I have

Good bye