Tuesday, July 05, 2005

3 Minutes and you will finish read this (this post written two days ago)

Hi all,
Guess what, We went out house finally. We spent a good time in my uncle's house where all the family was there. (My uncles and their children and their grand children)
This is normal in Iraq.
The people where you live didn't meet their relatives as much as we do. It's normal to you if your sons moved into another house before he got married. But to us it's something not happened. The sons live with their parents before marriage and after the marriage some of them move to another house and the rest stay with their parents. The sons and daughters stay visits their parents at least one times in the week.

My mother's holiday began yesterday. So I will be contact with you more than before (because mama will take care of Aya and other things.
Aya controlled to us, she is so smart and so cute and so active too. I fight with her yesterday (but I was the right person ) after that she looked angry and she didn't look at my face again till I go and entreated her to forgive me I hug her and play with her till the princes began to smile.