Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I don't know what to say

I know I didn't post from long long days.
before a week I wrote a long post and really nice one. I was going to publish it in the next day.

unfortunately the first thing I did in the next day was to visit Raed blog which I don't visit it much. I read about what happened to khalid and sat all the day sad and bored "that all what I need to complete my perfect day"

My old sister advice me to stop blogging. what happened to khalid is not a game. We should do something for him, He is one from An Iraqi blogger. NOW he is in the Jail.

Why he is there?
what is he doing there?
How is he?

I don't know.
go back to our subject: stop bloging or not?
I was thinking about that And I wrote a post talking about this freedom we have.I wrote that I don't need it. If it's the same freedom that mad khalid write what he was thinking of and it is the same freedom that entered him the jail. So I don't need this freedom
Take it!

Raghda my cousin came from Baghdad yesterday and she will leave tomorrow. We have a good time with her I will talk a bout that in the next post If I will continue my blog.

Pray for all of us

heh... hehe.. heh

PS:If you wonder where is the cartoon, I deleted it, because Raghda (Afandee) don't like it :)


Victoria said...

Never let your voice or your opinion be silenced.

Jan said...

Hnk, we got to write Khalid out of jail. Everyone who has an opinion doesn't belong there. This is a very bad act of Justice-department.
Go on writing, please. The cartoon is just an exaggeration of the enthusiasm to blog. And what's wrong with blogging. Tell the world your truth, you got the right to. So does Khalid.

Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

Thanks Jan and victoria.
But do you know what?
I don't know the truth. I can't understand what is going on.

Rachel in London said...

On 17 July, Khalid's mother asked well-wishers to desist from doing anything, as she fears that this might harm Khalid. There are thousands, if not millions, of people around the world ready to help but we have to respect Faiza's request; and Khalid's family is doing what they can with their own contacts in Baghdad.

Irishcoda said...

I don't understand what's happening and why Khalid was arrested and I hope everything will be all right. About your cartoon, wow, "a picture says a thousand words"

Jack B. said...

Hnk, only you can make the decision but you know there are many of us out here who love reading your blog. You give us an insight into the real Iraq and real Iraqis that are unavailable in the regular media. Just by writing your blog in the midst of this pivotal moment for Iraq and for the world you are creating recorded history for future generations. I don't know what happened to Khalid. I hope it has nothing to do with just the fact that he's an Iraqi blogger and there's more to it but I can understand why you might be scared by his arrest. We can only hope he's released and more information comes out on why he was taken. Whatever you do, you know many of us are behind you. Just keep safe as much you can.

And I love that picture personally, I feel like that myself sometimes when I'm typing on a keyboard.

David said...

Hnk, I am concerned about Khalid, too. Before I ever found your blog, I sometimes read Raed's blog. I have recently read some of Khalid's blog, too. I know that Khalid contacted his family from the jail. That was good to hear, but there has been no word on why he was arrested. He should be charged or he should be freed. I could say the same for many prisoners in U.S. custody!

I am glad that you had a good time with Raghda! Please give her my best wishes. I hope that you will continue blogging.

Anonymous said...

After reading some of Khalids blog I am really confused. If your resistance is responsible for the bombing of innocent people and somehow blameing it on the "Occupation" forces then will you please explain to me where this kind of thinking is going to take the people of Iraq. This makes no sense. I will be happy when the American soldiers leave so Iraq can get back to whatever it thinks it was before. It was so peaceful then wasn't it. War with Iran, war with Kuwait, killing of the Kurds, killing in the south, such a peaceful place. I know you are not responsible but I just don't understand WHO you support in all of this mess. If you don't like the Americans, You don't like the new goverment, you didn't like Saddam. Please explain if you can who it is you do like.

Dan said...

What happened to Khalid is NOT freedom, it is tyrany. Let us hope that he is released soon and this terrible situation corrected. In the meantime, the WORLD is watching.


Hadia ( pseudoname) said...

I didn't sopport Sadam. I told you this again and again.
About your question what I like?
I like peace ( I don't live in peace before and I don't know what is looks like but I heard about it. And I liked what the people said about peace" world peace". some word people said remained in your heart forever)
So I support the people who want the peace for us what ever they are, I supported them.

olivebranch said...

hnk, I wish I knew your real name. I feel........ well I am blushing right now. You truely have a beautiful heart, but beautiful hearts are delicate so make sure you protect it.

Please do not stop blogging. Just make sure that you write *I DO NOT IN ANWAY PROMOTE OR INSITE VIOLENCE* 10000 times at the start,middle and end of each blog so the silly mukhabarat and US troops can't think you are in any way doing it.

I don't think Khalid was the intended target, I think he was just the easiest. I pray nothing happens to him, and I pray the Raed and Faiza and Family reap no repercussions from the actions of the corcerned thousands...

I am sorry to the family that I had continued notifying the world, but I have told everyone to hold back any public stories, except blogs.

We can't give up on helping Khalid, it would hurt us more. This is a very very very big issue. A highly supported peaceful blogger was taken..... If we did NOT say anything, then it would seem OK to do it in the future.

If the Mukhabarat get the wrong message, and think this kind of treatment starts to work, they will never stop. The US have obviously not trained them very well.

and you should look at the poem on my blog!

Remember your faith and your love for Aya and your family at all times and DONT forget about us, the people who truely care about you. Even if not all of us can see you.

Love + Prayers


Rachel in London said...

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous said...

I will be happy when the American soldiers leave so Iraq can get back to whatever it thinks it was before. It was so peaceful then wasn't it. War with Iran, war with Kuwait, killing of the Kurds, killing in the south, such a peaceful place.

This would be the war with Iran in which the USA backed Saddam Hussein, with money and arms; the killing of the Kurds was with helicopters supplied by the USA for "dual purpose" (ie crop-spraying and gassing villagers, as the US did not bother to get any assurances from Saddam); the killing in the south was of the marsh Arabs who, emboldened by promises of help and support from the first President Bush, rose up against Saddam and then - when the promised help never arrived - were massacred and the marshes drained.

Huh - that sounds like enough reason to hate America.