Friday, March 24, 2006

? ....??????

Salam all,
first of all, I want to thank every one write a commment or a letter. I read them all but I couldn't find time to answer them.
This week was like others weeks before, full of explosions and examinations.
I did well in my exams this week and my marks is good but I didn't do my French examinations yet, I need your pray, a big big pray.

Believe or not, we went out side home. My father took us to (Al-Sada) I can swear that I didn't been in that place from a long long months.

I was thinking about what should I write in this post. I feel bored from talking about the situations and the danger we pass through, so I want to show you this small essay I wrote before 2 or 3 years. My English teacher asked us before 3 years to write an essay and she returned our essays back this week. All of us were please to read them and laughing at ourselves ( you can't imagin how much our english was bad).

Laugh as much as you like. Now, leave you with my essay:
in the holiday
I was going to the north of irag. I saw the magic nateure when I was it I beleive the comunecatio between the god and people. I felt very excited when I see it. after that I was going to my family house. I felt missed my other family there fore, I was leaving to baghdad. I saw what the enemy destroyed and I saw family after that. I went back to my home and working some things.
the holiday is ended and the school is begining. I am very sad about that.

You have to feel that you are luky because I didn't begin bloging from that time.
My english teacher asked us again to write an essay about any supjects we like. But no body write till now. My friend told the teachers that she couldn't find a supjects to write about it. so the teacher told her to write an essay about how much she suffered to find a subject to write about.

I was searching in the net and I stumbeled at this site.
I want to write more but I don't know about what should I have to talk about. What do you want me to talk about.
I feel empty and I don't want to talk about the situations nor about the war ( three years of war) because I know I will brust into tears when I will do that.