Saturday, March 11, 2006

two days in hell

Before 3 days our first day in hell started when my mother answered the phone and talked with my aunt. My aunt told my mother that my father's uncle was killed that day by bullets from an American soldier. The police called my cousin who was going to make her engage party in the next day. The police asked her if he know somebody called "s". She told him that she knows him very well and so they told her that he was injured and he was taken to the hospital. My cousine began to cry and yell and told her parents what the police told her. My uncle and his husbend go at once to the hospital and found him died. My aunt's husband told the American soldiers that uncle "s" is an old man in the age of 78 and it was clear that he is not a terror. The soldiers told him that they are sorry.

Uncle " s" didn't die because he was 78 years old, not even because he lived at least 50 years with one kidney. & Not because he was tired of fighting for raising his children after his wife death. Uncle "s" died because An American soldier shot him and he was die in the same date of his brother’s death, the eighth of March.
I didn't cry that day. I was surprised and I couldn't study neither could to sleep as a human. I couldn't do anything; I just sat thinking of what next.....
The next was in the next day....

In the morning we went to school not at the time we use to, because Aya was in a bad temper that morning and she wasn't like to go to nursery.
We reach the school at about 7:45. The windows were broken, the girls were crying and the teachers were in panic. Some girls running, other's talking and the rest are crying. Everything looks strange. My friend Maas was the first one I talked to. She told me that a mortar fell in our school garden.
After then, The police came; some of them went to the roof and the rest in the garden and the school yard. You don’t know how much the girls felt in peace when they saw the police!
They girls who didn't cried before, cried this time. And when we finally helped one girl to feel better and stop crying, the other girl began to cry and so on.

As you know it's not legal to hold a mobile in the school. The teachers are the only one who can hold it. At that time we were all need it especially when the police said that there is a another boom which didn't explode yet. With the help of Allah, we found a girl who brought her mobile with her that day. I used it and called my father, told him the story and asked him to came and take us to the home. I cried when I talked to him because I couldn't stand more against my pain.
My father reached the school and took me and my sister and sunshine to our home.

Add yesterday to these two days. It was also a very bad day. Began with news that my friend’s father died on cancer. And ended with a bombing car in our neighbor.
The explosion was very big that I felt that I died and then returned to life.
And because I am a life. I wite this post.


David said...

Dear Hnk,

Telling you how sorry I am for all these terrible things that you and your family have experienced seems so inadequate! I wish there was something more that I could do. My condolences to your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear HNK, I read your post finally, after reading most of your relatives also. I do not have the words that I would like to say - what could I say? Sorry? No, you deserve much more. You, your sister and your friends are too young to know such problems and pain. I do pray for all of you, your safety and peace, may it come soon that you might still take sometime to be young, to enjoy some of life - and also to go on to University for the studies you want. Peace and prayers to you, to all your family... Gene

Anonymous said...

Dear Hnk

while I am sitting here writting,it is snowing outside my window, it looks very peacefull..
but my heart is not at peace..why!
are we letting this happen in our world..I just wished that all men of power would fight their war among theme self..and leave the rest of us that we could build a better world together.

With all my Thoughts to You.

from Jens in Denmark.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hnk..

I am still lighting candles for you..and I hope you will wright more, I myself have great fears..
what, is our world becomming!!!
This is not the world I want it to be...why cant we learn?
Please be strong for all of us...!

With Thoughts from Jens..Denmark.

The Grandson said...

Hello ..
I am very sorry about your uncle


red one said...

HNK - I'm so sorry to hear your Uncle S was killed by the US soldiers. I know how I would feel if it was my uncle... I will be thinking of you and your family.

take care


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. Thank you so much for all you write. I'm not a muslim but I pray that Allah will have Mercy on you.

Jack B. said...

I'm so sorry, HNK.

jarvenpa said...

My dear hnk--there is so little I can write that doesn't sound lame. But I am so sorry for all you and your family and your country are going through. I woke up this morning and heard about the Samarra raids, and started crying. A stupid reaction that reminded me of when back perhaps when you were just a baby my country started bombing Baghdad. I was carrying my youngest child and burst into tears on the main street of our little town. A nice lady came to see what was wrong (I'm sure she was for the bombing). I told her I could not help grieving all the deaths happening that very moment.
I pray for peace, and for you in particular--that you may someday have a time of more loveliness and even laughter.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what I am doing here!!
Just want to say that I am tired and I feel I am useless. I want to cry but I don't have any power to burst my tear.

Anonymous said...

It just rips me apart and eats me from inside. I just cant believe the fact that people kill and get away with it in the name of war against terror, when innocent civilians are murdered in massess or detained simply because there was a slight suspicion or a fabrication that they might be connected to a farce terrorist organaization etc.What I dont seem to understand is "what will people gain if they kill?".Is it earth that humanbeings are fighting for or is it simply because of hate directed towards a certain race of people?.In the end earth will perish and we all will stand infront of Allah to be judged. How much will earth be worth then??? nothing.
I hate it...I hate sitting here in my house when my brothers and sisters are being killed in massess. I cant help but claw myself deep down inside for being useless. All i can do to you sister, is pray for you. May Allah give you the Sabr and Patience to continue.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I wish you and your family the best, and am so sorry for your loss.


Anonymous said...


Where are YOU...please
Where are you....


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arnold said...
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