Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just talking

Hello every body,
I was too busy last few days as usual. This time I was busy with our visitors.
My aunt came from Baghdad and she is staying at our house with her daughter. My aunt is usually playing on the computer so I couldn't find timeto sit on the computer myself and write a new post.
Note: I didn't joke or made a mistake when I said that my aunt is usually playing on the computer, Because she is playing all the time.
Anyway, I was playing before a few minutes too, but I was playing with Aya and we were building. we will be a good engineers. Don't you think?

before two days there was a curfew for two days. The situation was somehow calm near from our house but there was a few boomcars in Mosul. we were stuck at our house, we couldn't go anywhere but we walk to my sister's house and brought her and her children to our house.
The street was empty, everything looks freez .

before few days me and my mother help each others and cook this kind of food wich is a local food in Iraq. we call it " Kuba" . It's so hard to cook it. Each piece must be in the same size of the others and this is the hardest thing.

Anyway, I have to go now



Anonymous said...

It looks very tasty! A bit like Muesli, that's a kind of cereal that I eat for breakfast almost every day.
It is so desperately horrible when towers like that collapse! It is leaning a bit to the side but you think it is still solid enough to put another layer on it... when you've put that other layer on it, you still think it is solid enough and you let go, but then the leaning-to-the-side becomes worse and worse, and you can't keep it from falling anymore. Have you ever tried building card houses? Card houses collapse much faster when they collapse, so that the collapse is over sooner. But card houses are also prettier than tall towers, I think :)

Unknown said...

You need to do a better job explaining the recipe, and the stages of cooking this food. And what are these plants?
Where do they grow? What is the nutritional value? Is this eaten 3x a day? What seasoning do you put on it? Is this a substitute for rice? What else is mixed in there?

David said...

Hi Hnk,

I am very impressed with the tower that you and Aya built! :) Did Aya really put some of the blocks in place herself?

The Kuba looks interesting. Sort of like a Chinese eggroll. I am not sure from the pictures, is the Kuba stuffed with meat? I really enjoy when you post pictures of your everyday life like the food you cook. :)

Libby said...

Oh, yummy. Food.
Here's what your cousin Dalia had to say about it.

"The northern areas of Iraq are famous for some of the best kinds of wheat. From wheat we get a certain substance known as "borghul", which is wheat boiled, pealed and crushed. From this "borghul" "Kubba" is made.
Borghul is mixed with minced meat and hammered well. This it is flattened and pieces stuffed with meat and filled with nuts, sultanas, spices, parsley and onion. They are formed in shape of flat platters or round balls, then boiled and ready to serve.
"Kubba" is ancient. It is mentioned in Assyrian and Sumerian writings. Scholars of these languages say it is can record that king Ashur Nsssir Bal II , once gave a banquet and "Kubba" was included in the menu. Be that as it may, "Kubba" today is at top of Mosulli foods. Until recently it was confined to the Mosulite families of Baghdad, but it has now become a popular dish in Baghdad and other cities."

Sounds really good. But I'll be happy with just a couple of dates. :)

I wonder if your Aunt is using your computer while I'm typing this.

You and Aya win the tower building prize.

Unknown said...

Ok, thanks Libby,
But I am still having trouble relating the pictures to Kubba. The bowl of brown that simcha says looks like musuli, a kind of granola, is really small pieces of meat "breaded" with the wheat and nuts and spices?
then what are those onion looking things?

The tower, what are the things Hnk you used to make the tower? Tiles? for a children's game? or are they a version of building blocks? and what are the meaning of the designs on those tiles? More questions, I know. But
really this beats talking about politics doesn't it?

Mad Canuck said...

Hey hnk,

You may want to talk to your mom and post a recipe on how to make Kuba. It sounds quite tasty.

You just need to be specific - what ingredients to use, how much of it, and what do with them. You'd be surprised, you may have a few people far away cooking your recipe and trying to make it look like yours.

Anonymous said...

on a political note it is getting interesting

Gas Prices Are Fueling Midterm Political Races

Anonymous said...

Those breads sure look so mouth watering. Maybe next time you can post a clear and very simple recipes of those. That is if it's not too much to ask for.

Anonymous said...

this is pretty scary

12 Passengers Arrested After Flight to India Returns to Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

Well what should be done anout this

Iran Defies U.N. Deadline to End Uranium Enrichment Program

Flower^Angel said...

Ohhhhh long time since I Ate that Kubat halab :) that's the full name of it right ?

I liked your blog , Well Done

Good luck with your study & your life

ihath said...


Can you get me the recipe from your mom, I would love to learn how to make Kubah

Anonymous said...

Hello from Alaska. I stumbled across your website while looking for a recipe for Kubba. Can you post one. We went to a restaurant and tried it. It wasn't very good but I was told by My partner it is not the way it taste in the middleeast.