Friday, October 19, 2007

Just talking

عيد بأي حال عدت يا عيد ….. بما مضى أم لأمـر فيك تجديد

أما الأحبة فالبيـداء دونهم …. فليت دونـك بيد دونهـا بيد

In eleventh of October, the sound of a huge explosion woke me up from my dear sleep. A bomb in van exploded in the neighbourhood near al Sina'a region. Many people died and many people lost their stores and other buildings.

I feel sorry for those who lost their stores and buildings (I have a heart, you know) but am I really feeling sorry for the people who died!! I don't think so (see, I don't really have a heart). I feel sorry for their parents and their children but not for them. Life is not what we look for nor what we seek or what we are good at. I am not sorry because I know that they were not happy.

Life is a game and it's so clear that we are losing it. The people who died are obviously the people who pressed "quit" to end the game. It's maybe unwise to end the game before we finish it, but they win the battle even if they lose the war.

Away from violence, Life will go on and on

(a drowning man will clutch at a straw).


Since we came back from Syria, I and Najma (my sister) spent hours every day trying our new clothes. Hours and hours passed with changing clothes and one question kept repeating itself: when will we really wear this clothes?

Finally the first day of Eid came and I was able to wear my new clothes ( I wondered why the picture of myself wearing those clothes is so familiar!!:)

On the first day of Eid, all my uncles, aunts and cousins came to our house. It's the first Eid after my grandpa's death and it's a tradition to visit the family of the dead person in Al-Eid.

My father's cousin also came to our house. All I did on this first day of Eid was boil water and make coffee. After 7 hours of making coffee and serving it, I was completely tired but really happy indeed.

Now Ramadan and Eid are over and our usual boring life remains and is not over.

Do you know what else is over? This post is over.

So until our next post

Good bye


Anonymous said...

hello HNK

It's not supposed to be easy.
it was the day before Eid.
الله يرحمهم(الابرياء) ويرزقهم الجنة امين
but,how we can change that? ( we can't)
"I have a heart, you know"
you have to have a heart to write something like this post.

who knows I may be the next victim of explosions. if this happens to me, I will appreciate your sorry feeling (T_T).

finally, You will be okay, but I hope that you will be much, much better than okay

Unknown said...

I don't know where you'll be wearing your new clothes but I bet you both look good in them.

Seven hours of making coffee makes you sound like a waitress. :)

I hope YOU never "press the quit button". I'd miss you a lot.


Anonymous said...

You are really, absolutely and completely fed up, aren't you? I feel sorry for you. An 18-year-old girl should not be writing such unpleasant things - especially a girl called HNK! I know what HNK means, by the way... Honest Nice and Kind! Right? I wish you could spend even just one day here in Maebashi with my family. My 18-yr-old daughter went out to the library to study at 8am. She studies too much. She is not at all interested in clothes and looks awful. I will was the dishes. Tara, HNK, Regards from Steen.

Anonymous said...

I 'm happy that you were happy to get to see all of your relatives. It is always fun to talk and eat with people you love. Don't ever punch the quit button. You have too much to offer the part of the world you live in. God knows they need it.

Laila Hussein said...

Yes, H.N.K. I always feel like you when I hear about the death of someone.I feel sorry for the ones who loved him/her, not for him/her. It's not that we don't have a heart, but especially if the one who died, has died as a victim, than maybe he/she is now in a life better than all what we are dreaming of. The people who remain are, in my view, those who definitely deserve our pity. But if they have strong faith, and thank God for everything, than the death of this person will also be a gift for them in the hereafter if God Wills.

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